Killwhitneydead - Suffer My Wrath - (8.5/10)

Published on June 1, 2014


  1. Sound The Alrams
  2. Demons Consume
  3. Tyrant Enthroned
  4. Evil Lives Within
  5. Tip Of My Tongue
  6. Sugartooth (Mundus Vult Decipi - Part I)
  7. Serpents & Lies (Mundus Vult Decipi - Part II)
  8. Living Hollow
  9. Replicate To Survive
  10. The Death Of Celebrity


Thrash / Deathcore


Tribunal Records

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Woah! Since when do Killwhitneydead play thrash metal?!?! Well, apparently since their “The long awaited not quite anticipated,”1, 2 comeback record Suffer My Wrath and one wishes they’d made the shift earlier, since they happen to be rather sick at it;3 or perhaps now was just the right time.


Suffer My Wrath, which has been in the works since 2010, is the first album from the specially-challenged duo – consisting of Matt Rudzinski (Vocals/Samples) and Kyle Odell (Guitar) – since 2007’s double-release of Nothing Less And Nothing More and Hell To Pay, although it may as well be the debut of an entirely new band, given just how far Killwhitneydead have shifted their sound.



That’s Rudzinski in the Coroner shirt.



Some of the band’s deathcore heritage remains – in the form of Odell’s constant chugging, Rudzinski’s throaty vocal style and the occasional breakdown; but Suffer My Wrath is an album characterized by the type of over-the-top, power-laced thrash metal you would expect from the likes of 3 Inches Of Blood or Iced Earth even.


The power thrash style of Suffer My Wrath is furthered by a plethora of guest vocalist, most notably, past contributor, Shawn Pelata of Line Of Fire, who appears on no less than seven of the album’s ten tracks; alongside the likes of, Pharaoh guitarist, Matt Johnsen; Jonin members Thomas Clark, Todd Houck and Stuart Smith; and Odell’s Vanisher bandmate, Justin Reich, who lends his mighty pipes to the track “Replicate To Survive.”



A new addition to the lineup, it’s clear that Odell (who also handles engineering duties)’s fingerprints are all over Suffer My Wrath, and maybe it’s more a testament to his prowess as a guitarist and songwriter than Killwitneydead as a (slightly expanded) whole that the album is miles better than anything the band has done. Yet, Rudzinski’s vocals and hardcore influence grants the record its distinguishing vibe, and his patented use of samples, which are drawn from the more malevolent side of things this time around (rather than repeatedly mining Family Guy), also seem more poignant and well executed.



Some hot and heavy alternative cover-art for y’all.



Killwhitneydead have also seemingly (thankfully) dropped the overbearing, misogynistic lyrical content that made Nothing Less Nothing More a rather uncomfortable listen, especially in light of the Isla Vista shootings.4 Instead, Rudzinski spends his time gloriously playing up his new-found genre – lyrical sample: “lashing oy, fighting back, now you’re going to feel my fucking  wrath” (from “Sound The Alarms”) – in the manner of some kind of unexpected Austrian Death Machine / Manowar crossbreed.



Suffer My Wrath might just be the most alarming metal release to surface this year. What’s truly surprising though is just how well they handle their new direction, having also delivered one of 2014’s most invigorating and enjoyable records.





For fans of:

3 Inches Of Blood, Austrian Death Machine, Vanisher


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1 Their words not mine.

3 A technical term.

4 Not to mention all their other albums, but this one seemed, to me, the main offender.

Joshua Bulleid

Author: Joshua Bulleid

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  1. Why even bring up that shooting? Just because that dude couldn't get any doesn't mean you have to hate on KWD, those albums were awesome. Don't kill women though lol.

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