Lesnoy Tanets - Knyazhaya Pustyn - Isa - Сплетение - (7/10)

Published on April 18, 2016


  1. Лесной Танец - Енисей
  2. Лесной Танец - Думы валунов
  3. Лесной Танец - Северные цветы
  4. Княжая Пустынь - Крада / Проливень
  5. Княжая Пустынь - Обнимая полёт птичьих стай
  6. Княжая Пустынь - Искры надежд / Ожеледь
  7. Isa - Поющий горизонт
  8. Isa - Закат Заратустры
  9. Лесной Танец - Чёрная скала
  10. Лесной Танец - Заклинания дождя
  11. Лесной Танец - На Лысой горе
  12. Лесной Танец - Зимовье Зимы
  13. Княжая Пустынь - Отгорел золотой листопад…
  14. Княжая Пустынь - Гладь окутанных молчанием трав
  15. Княжая Пустынь - Дым прощальных костров
  16. Княжая Пустынь - Провожая закат на чужбины / Просторы




Der Schwarze TodAutodafe

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Сплетение (Romanized Spleteniye) is a three way split album between Лесной Танец (Lesnoy Tanets), Княжая Пустынь (Knyazhaya Pustyn) and | (Isa). A collaborative release between two Russian labels, Der Schwarze Tod and Autodafe, the album brings three different perspectives on atmospheric creation and shamanistic atavism. Though each band brings their own distinct style, the album could be described as a collection of neofolk, ambient and darkwave tracks.


Lesnoy Tanets offers seven tracks of slow moving folk with traditional Russian folk instrumentation. All of their tracks are instrumental, opting to favor flutes and the twang of a jaw harp over vocals. The tempo does occasionally pick up to something that would be fitting during some type of tribal celebration, but it always seems to return to the slower moving folk. It’s a fitting start to an album full of Russian folk tradition, even if some of it turns towards a bit more of a modern flair. Lesnoy Tanets really brings a strong showing on these tracks and one that really seems to transport the listener to another plain.



Knyazhaya Pustyn’s sound is rooted in neofolk, with strong similarities to Sol Invictus or Tamerlan. It washes over with a mix of confidently strummed passages with overlaid sweeping acoustic picking and something that sounds eerily similar to modernized post-metal with Boyd Rice tinged male vocals and waffly female vocals. While the acoustics are a nice touch, the modernized touches seem to be a little overkill on an album that’s gunning for shamanistic vibes. They can bring some nice meditative moments, but overuse of saxophones and other elements really kill the mood. Isa also brings a more modern approach to their tracks, the first of which slowly builds from serene folk into warbly trem riffing and raspy screams. The second track offers a more atavistic approach in spite of the heavy handed percussion, as it culminates with a solid backing of strings before closing. It seems like the band is trying to cram way too much into their music and ends up shooting itself in the foot.


Despite the rampant overreaching Сплетение is a decent tribute to the shamanistic nature of Russian neofolk. Isa and Knyazhaya Pustyn stretch their sounds a little too thin with their overly modern take on the style, though each has moments of shining Russian folk music. It’s Lesnoy Tanets that steals the show with their stirring folk music and traditional instrumentation. Fans of neofolk in any form should find something to enjoy here, but I’ll stick with the more traditional style and leave the rest behind.

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