Letal Cross - Maldita Nación - (8/10)

Published on June 6, 2017


  1. Falsa mirada
  2. Sueños torturados
  3. Hijos de la oscuridad
  4. Maldita nación


Black / Thrash



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The further one delves into the recent surge of black/speed/thrash metal bands, the more utter shite your bound to uncover. It should go without saying that a genre which generally relies on filthy production, sleazy, drunken musicianship, and a general give no fucks attitude would be bound to produce some monumental flops. Chile’s Letal Cross are somewhat new to the scene, forming in 2014 and releasing a demo in 2015, Maldita nación.

If you worship at the throne of Midnight, Abigail and Venom, Letal Cross should fit nicely into your collection. Letal Cross offer four tracks of thrashing blackened metal mayhem, fast paced and not letting up for a moment. Granted, it’s only a fourteen minute demo, but it’s one hell of a way to make an impression. The riffing is solid, bringing thrashing chugs and punkened power chords, interspersed with a few slick solos and charging speed metal licks. The drummer switches between rangy d-beat, thrashy double kicks and the occasional pummeling stomp, fitting quite well with the punchy black/thrash/speed metal riffing and torn throat growls. The production is a bit rough around the edges, but the instruments are still able to pack a punch; basically resulting in an old school, necro sound that adds an air of authenticity to Letal Cross’s sound.

Though the demo is short, it offers a keen insight into what Letal Cross are all about. Unlike the hordes of sloppy Venom wannabes, these guys charge forth with a vicious intent and sharp sound. Much like Scotland’s Hellripper, Brazil’s Whipstriker, and Germany’s Bulldozing Bastard, Letal Cross shows that there is still plenty to be done within the realms of rollicking, high octane black metal. Maldita nación shows a hungry band, and one that might just have the chops to claw their way to top of a crowded scene. There’s still plenty of room for these guys to grow, but, hot damn, this is a fine start.

Shawn Miller

Author: Shawn Miller

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