Livet Som Insats - Check Your Grind - (8.5/10)

Published on March 29, 2016


  1. Introduktion Till Livet
  2. Like And Share
  3. Fobi, Unik, Panik
  4. Sköt Dig Själv Och Skit I Andra Gubbjävel!
  5. Mot En Fördomsfri Framtid
  6. Se Dig För
  7. En I Statistiken
  8. Ord Som Vapen
  9. Sound Of Oblivion
  10. Medaljongrawk
  11. Klyschor Pć Beställning
  12. Närodlad Politik
  13. Tack För Ingenting
  14. Bränn Alla Broar
  15. Inskrämd
  16. Mind Your Eye
  17. Hur Gör Du
  18. Utan Att Passera Gć
  19. Utdaterad
  20. Instadeth
  21. Dela Din Ignorans
  22. Paranalyserad
  23. Syns inte, Finns inte
  24. Jag Hör Vad Jag Vill





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While grind may not have originated in Sweden, there’s no denying that Sweden has produced some fantastic grind bands. From Nasum to Gadget, the country is wrought with talent for the fast and furious. Not to be outdone though, Livet Som Insats are a band formed in Falun in 2009. Currently with one full-length to their name and an EP and split, the group is getting ready to unleash their newest in your face assault with Check Your Grind from Everydayhate Records. These tracks, (24 total in less than 24 minutes) prove that this group loves it fast and heavy.


Livet Som Insats Live 2


Livet Som Insats are ready to make a statement. The band rips through tracks in usually less than 90 seconds, and the utter intensity is undeniable. All the while, the band manages to make plenty of discernible riffs and even some real good groove really making the album as infectious and memorable as it is bombastic. Despite any groove or structure, that does not mean there is any time to breathe with Check Your Grind. Each track is still ferocious in its approach, with some wonderfully snarled vocals, and punk like barks, while the guitars and drums play off one another greatly, creating a cacophony of power. The group manages to even keep the songs similar but distinct enough that each track has its own merits and approach, while not making the album feel disconnected or just a compilation of material. There is certainly an underlying theme and sound to the record no matter how quickly is flies by. 



One of the more impressive aspects of what Livet is doing with their music is the replayability it provides. Not just due to its short play time or even the catchy riffs, but the music is just so damn easy to listen to because of how well it is written. the tracks know when to peak, and know when to slow down (even if its just for a second or two) before building back up. These guys are clearly students of the grind, and it shows really well with their knowledge of structure and pacing. There are a few melodic moments interspersed within the heavy onslaught as well which is a nice welcome change when employed, but the band tends to keep to the brash approach of the genre. 


Livet Som Insats


Livet Som Insats are still fairly young. Despite being around for some seven years or so, their releases have not been the most prolific compared to some in the genre. Never-the-less, the material is fantastic and memorable as all hell. There is a certain level of maturity to Check Your Grind that  only comes from a lot of hard work and having a good sense of what they are trying to do musically. With the return of the mighty Gadget eyes are already on the Swedish grind scene, and one can only hope that Livet do not get overshadowed.

Neill Bird

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Im 26 years old, living in Tucson, AZ. I've always enjoyed heavier music, but really got into the underground scene in the last 11 years and never stopped finding anything and everything I can. I love music, and love to share that with others.

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