Lord Divine - Facing Chaos - (7/10)

Published on February 7, 2019


  1. Overture (Dies Irae)
  2. Reborn
  3. I Am
  4. Into My World
  5. Beginning of the End
  6. The Darkest Light
  7. Light Through Darkness
  8. Divided
  9. Be Afraid
  10. Follow the Signs
  11. The Rage on Me




Fighter Records

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One thing I hate more than anything else is the fact that a shitty singer can ruin an otherwise awesome band. This is the case, unfortunately, in Lord Divine’s fifth album: Facing Chaos. The intros are great, the rhythm parts are heavy and tight, and there are plenty of interesting backing tracks..


But the god damn focal point of the band is almost unbearable for me. This is Diego Valdez’s (Iron Mask) first record with the Argentinian outfit since joining in 2017. He can hit pitch, but that’s pretty much where his ability ends. He sings in one register and his voice lacks any sort of character. The whole vocal sound is, honestly, very fucking bland.


The overall sound of the album is tried-and-true power metal but with a hefty dose of electronic sounds that fill out the background nicely. There are some really fun instrumental parts, like the piano grove in ‘Beginning of the End’ or the one in the middle of ‘Into My World’, that round out an already-lively album. Lord Divine radiates energy.


Additionally, the solos are damn impressive. There is probably an even split between keyboard and guitar solos, and each one is seriously electric. Diego Palma’s heavy lead tone on the keys earn extra points with me because I just don’t hear it enough these days.


I could talk the shit out of every solo in the album, so I’ll just mention my favourite. I can’t get enough of the solo section in ‘Light Through Darkness’ (which is also my favourite song on the album). It’s long and both the guitar and keys rip it slightly harder than in most of the other tracks.


If it weren’t for Valdez, I probably would have given this song an 8-9. But, as the vocals are routinely in the foreground, I simply couldn’t. The entire band is really solid but Valdez’s musicianship doesn’t come close to matching their efforts. Despite that one rather large problem, this album is definitely a must-listen.


Originally written for powerthorn.com

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