Lost Society - Fast Loud Death - (7.5/10)

Published on March 15, 2013


  1. N.W.L.
  2. Trash All Over You
  3. E.A.G.
  4. Kill (Those Who Oppose Me)
  5. Bitch, 'Out My Way
  6. Fast Loud Death
  7. Lead through the Head
  8. Diary of a Thrashman
  9. Toxic Avenger
  10. This Is Me
  11. Braindead Metalhead
  12. Piss Out my Ass
  13. Fatal Anoxia




Nuclear Blast

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When a band gets picked up by Nuclear Blast Records for their debut album, color me interested. When a Thrash band gets picked up for their debut, color me very interested. In fact, color me with high expectations and an almost insatiable curiosity. This is where I stood for the release of Lost Society’s debut Fast Loud Death with its punkish vibes and awesome Ed Repka artwork. As with all high expectations though, it didn’t take much to feel somewhat disappointed even if the results are decent.


Generally speaking, it’s easy to hear why Nuclear Blast was interested in Lost Society. Fast Loud Death is a rambunctious record. It has great energy that the band just pours out, the writing is catchy, and their chemistry as a band is instantly recognizable on this debut. They ooze charisma and slam it with some feisty thrash riffing and snarling vocals like on the album highlight “KILL” or “Trash All Over You.” If anything, Lost Society know how build all the components of a great thrash track. The intro riff to the album. The ripping solo on “Lead Through The Head.” The snarling vocals and group chanting of “Braindead Metalhead.” Lost Society has all the elements to make one of the best records of the year and listening to these young Finnish lads can inspire some faith in the overly saturated genre.


The problem with Fast Loud Death is that too often the band can’t seemingly put together a cohesive full track. Each track starts off with piss and vinegar, ripping out memorable solo and riff after memorable drum fill and bass pop and then each one sort of dwindles from there. As if the band isn’t sure how to finish writing it. The structures and flows of each track just lack focus and it hinders the album as a whole. Lost Society have all of the parts for a great album here, but the whole is a lesser than the sum of it’s parts.


That being said, Fast Loud Death is definitely a debut to be heard. It’s not the greatest thing to be released, but there are some great riffs and different elements that make Lost Society a band to keep your ear on. The overall product of this album might leave a little bit to be desired in its writing, but the parts are enjoyable on their own for a thrashing good time.

Matt Reifschneider

Author: Matt Reifschneider

Matt Reifschneider loves three things in this world: his wife, cult films, and thrash metal. When he isn't scouring the landscape for new thrash, he spends his time writing for Blood Brothers Film Reviews.

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