Lost Society - Terror Hungry - (9/10)

Published on March 17, 2014


  1. Spurgatory
  2. Game Over
  3. Attaxic
  4. Lethal Pleasure
  5. Terror Hungry
  6. Snowroad Blowout
  7. Tyrant Takeover
  8. Overdosed Brain
  9. Thrashed Reality
  10. F.F.E.
  11. Brewtal Awakening
  12. Mosh It Up
  13. Wasted After Midnight




Nuclear Blast

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Lost Society thrash it up a notch!


While I seemed to be in the minority with my thoughts on the debut from Lost Society, the potential for the band to release an efficiently killer record remained in the back of my mind when I started to spin their sophomore effort Terror Hungry. Much to my relief, this second record for the Finnish thrashers is exactly what I wanted from them the first time around: a vicious, driven, and aggressive thrash album. Even the skeptic in me was appeased with the results.


Lost Society Logo


For starters, Lost Society kept all of the great things about their style for this album. There still remains a heavy punkish vibe throughout the entire thing and half of the time they retain an off-the-cuff style that really works to their benefit and keeps their high speed and chaotic moments feeling just that – chaotic. The dueling guitars on “Game Over” or “Terror Hungry” indicate that the band is simply gelling together as a whole with stronger chemistry while the spitting thrash style vocals have gone from quirky to effective in just one year. The Bay Area influences of the band are obvious and not all that original, but Terror Hungry seems to throw down better charm and fun to make it work in a fresh way that will have thrashers up out of their chairs in no time. Even in the performances, Terror Hungry is a more cohesive experience.


More streamlined tracks like “Mosh It Up” or spastic “Lethal Pleasure” indicate what Lost Society has done to get better for Terror Hungry. The writing and flow of the album is ass-over-teapot better than their debut. While the band seemed to have all the right pieces in all the wrong places on their debut, Terror Hungry slays it with focused performances and writing that simply makes sense this time around. The band still occasionally sounds a bit scattered in their writing, but it feels like it’s meant to be that way instead of jumble it was previously.



Lost Society remains a quirky band (which is much different than the term ‘immature’ that I would use to describe a song like “Piss Out my Ass” from their debut), but Terror Hungry is the band coming into their own and finding success at it. This sophomore effort is fun, vicious, well written, and superbly executed – a combination that has proven to be successful for many of their peers and will be for them. So get your bullet belts on, your group chant voice prepped, and your high top sneakers primed for a band that has fulfilled their potential and released an album worthy of the hype.

Matt Reifschneider

Author: Matt Reifschneider

Matt Reifschneider loves three things in this world: his wife, cult films, and thrash metal. When he isn't scouring the landscape for new thrash, he spends his time writing for Blood Brothers Film Reviews.

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