LostPray - That’s Why - (8/10)

Published on September 29, 2014


  1. Alienation
  2. The Blessed One
  3. The Story Ain’t Like No One Knows
  4. Zero To Hero
  5. Killing Me
  6. By My Dame
  7. Memoir
  8. Speakers Of Evil


Rock / Metal



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LostPray is a mixed nationality band, with two members from Istanbul in Turkey and two from Odessa, Ukraine.  They formed in 2013 and have worked pretty quickly to get their self-released debut album That’s Why released. LostPray aren’t going to challenge you. That’s Why won’t test the boundaries of heavy music with complex patterns and instrumentation. What it does, though, is entertain, with thoroughly enjoyable rock/metal.




The album brings together a wide range of rock and metal influences. The recipe for LostPray would be quite complex, with a big helping of ‘modern’ (bands such as Lostprophets coming to mind) a healthy dose of black album-Metallica, some Pearl Jam, a little classic metal à la Vicious Rumors, Metal Church, etc and a tiny pinch of Megadeth. The vocals extend the Metallica comparison, leaning towards Hetfield’s more melodic range at times. It all comes together seamlessly, aided by good quality songwriting.


The Pearl Jam influence comes through strongly on “The Story Ain’t Like No One Knows”, with vocalist Tufan Cigdem even doing a reasonable Eddie Vedder impression. It’s not LostPray’s best work, but it’s pretty good and I couldn’t help humming “Alive” afterwards.


A speciality of the band is catchy choruses, with “The Blessed One” and “Zero To Hero” being great examples. The former even includes brief lead guitar that recalls Paradise Lost, another small ingredient added to the mix. “Zero To Hero” has a HUGE chorus, which may be the best moment on the album. However, when the song takes us to the point where it feels like a guitar solo is about to kick in, instead we get some extended riffs and then it ends. Sadly, this song shows how to turn a potentially brilliant song into a good one. It’s a highlight, but it should have been even better.


Fortunately, the band shows that they can deliver brilliant and even produce a great guitar solo, with stand out track, “Be My Dame”. It starts with good lead guitars and despite some fast drumming, it’s quite a mellow tune and is extremely catchy. A fantastic rock song,  surely it must have gone a long way to convince the dame in question.





LostPray show their tender side on the plaintive “Memoir”, which is more of a lament than a ballad and while it’s by far the most gentle song here, it loses none of the catchiness that the band seems to churn out so effortlessly.


That’s Why is a fine debut album. There’s nothing complex about it and it’s quite commercial-sounding, but most importantly it’s fun to listen to, which is what music should be.


James Bushnell

Author: James Bushnell

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