Love Sex Machine - Asexual Anger - (8.5/10)

Published on February 29, 2016


  1. Asexual Anger
  2. Drone Syndrome
  3. Black Mountain
  4. Aujeszky
  5. Devolution
  6. Atrocity
  7. Infernal Spiral
  8. Silent Duck


Blackened Sludge / Doom


Throatruiner Records

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Back when they were wordily referred to as In the Final Analysis, French sludge metal act Love Sex Machine still made a concerted effort of digging straight down. Indifferent to the slanting piles of earth and muddy water, this three-shoveled workhorse have collectively shunned the sun and moon alike with each successive release. Asexual Anger, the group’s second LP as LSM, furthers their scornful sound, evolving into something entirely more subterranean and monolithic.


Love Sex Machine - The Metal Observer


Lyrical themes of sexuality and aggression ought to excite fans of the Freudian metal-mind, and while vocalist/guitarist Yves bawls with a sincere and wretched scream (not so unlike the damaged cries of Charlie Fell), Asexual Anger’s unflinching reverence to towering doom-addled riffs and foundation-rending drums grab center stage by its untamed hair and forces it facedown into the mattress.


Love Sex Machine - The Metal Observer


Consistent no-nonsense pummeling is the template here, bent around riffs of a decidedly unorthodox and fractured body, one that often skirts the djent fault-line without losing footing along the record’s grim descending ridge. The bottom-heavy production and crushing tunnel-vision guarantees a remorselessly punishing time, helping Love Sex Machine align themselves with other vicious blackened sludge acts like Lord Mantis and Grime, while moments such as the tottering malice found on “Devolution” conjures the darkly majestic weight of Triptykon.



As the album name suggests, Asexual Anger is an exercise of palpable and pent-up frustrations. When “Silent Duck” finally dissipates, there’s no feeling of catharsis or release. The endless hammering and fist-pounding lives on, stubbornly, indignantly, like some eunuch beast incapable of coming to grips with its sexless place in the universe. And you side with it because fuck fucking when Love Sex Machine are involved, and screw screwing when the metal flows and grooves this goddamned heavy.


Evan Mugford

Author: Evan Mugford

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