Mendacium - Decimating Titans - (7.5/10)

Published on February 13, 2018


  1. Decimating the Titans
  2. Make No Grave in my Name
  3. An Invocation for Bloodshed
  4. Eviscerate


Death / Black


Redefining Darkness Records

Playing Time:







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Another solo project by Void Ritual’s Daniel Jackson, Mendacium is a death/black metal project, though here he goes by the pseudonym of Vanus Mendax. Decimating Titans is the band’s debut release, dropping in early 2018. While Void Ritual focuses on the horrifying and ugly portions of human nature, Mendacium’s theme is more focused; a revenge fantasy against a country of bigotry and conservative evangelicals. I’m not one to speculate, but the current political climate in the US might have just a teeny, tiny, minuscule part to do with the inspiration here.

Void Ritual and Mendacium may have created by the same man, but they couldn’t be more different in scope. Where Void Ritual is an exercise in second wave atmospherics, Mendacium delivers four tracks of intense, riff-centric blackened death metal in the vein of Angelcorpse or Abominator. Though the EP is short, a hearty mix of fast paced, churning riffing and fiery, atonal tremolo passages perpetually push forward while a wall of constant blasts and deep, enraged growls trail along. When taken together, the instrumentation could be a bit suffocating, but the crisp production job keeps things from being too overbearing.

This was originally released as a three track digital EP, before being reissued with a bonus track on cassette by Redefining Darkness Records, which brings the run time to sixteen minutes. It’s a short but ultimately vicious foray for Jackson into the world of death/black metal. He certainly has the chops when it comes to riffing, as Decimating Titans features a nonstop barrage of pummeling, twisted riffing, but there is plenty of room to flesh out the songwriting, as everything passes by so quickly. The mix of straight forward, churning riffing and corridors of contorted, gnarled death metal could be much better suited to a longer playing release, so keep your ears trained on New Mexico for what’s coming next. Regardless, it’s a fine debut from an act we’ll hopefully hear more from soon

Shawn Miller

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