Merging Flare - Revolt Regime - (8.5/10)

Published on June 22, 2019


  1. Trailblazers
  2. Alliance in Defiance
  3. Clarion Call
  4. The Abyss of Time
  5. Mind's Eye (Reaching Out)
  6. War Within
  7. Midwinter Magic
  8. Devastator
  9. Sin Against the Sinner
  10. The Lucky One (Laura Branigan Cover)


Heavy Metal / Power


Ram It Down Records

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Kicking off the summer in a blazing inferno are Finland’s melodic metal masterminds Merging Flare in their second album, Revolt Regime. It’s hot, heavy, and hard as steel, but still maintains that beautiful, cocaine-fueled sense of fun that made 80s heavy metal so fucking awesome.


It’s been eight years since Merging Flare’s debut, which is understandable, considering how many other projects the bandmembers have had on the go in recent years. Axeman Kasperi Heikkinen was still playing for the symphonic outfit Amberian Dawn upon Merging Flare’s debut, and shortly after he was the guitarist for U.D.O. until joining Anton Kabanen’s Beast in Black. On top of that, vocalist Matias Palm and bass player Harri Leinonen have also been involved in numerous bands alongside Merging Flare.


But, the wait has definitely paid off, because Revolt Regime kicks some serious ass. Supporting its 80s metal foundation are absolutely killer riffs and solos, raspy but powerful vocals, and a pounding rhythm section. There’s so much energy coming out of every song that you might want to keep a fire extinguisher handy for when your speakers fucking explode.


Revolt Regime‘s song selection definitely has something for every metal fan. There are some straightforward bangers and double-time power metal drivers, as well as synth-laden choruses from time to time. And, finishing off the album (if you happen to have the bonus track on your copy) is a heartfelt, vocal-rich cover of Laura Branigan’s ‘The Lucky One’. However, the true gems of the album are the victorius ‘Clarion Call’ and shred-crazy ‘War Within’. Both tracks stand above the rest and deliver their own special taste of badassery.


While there’s not a whole lot to complain about, there is one small issue that picks at me from time to time. The mixing in the album makes for some really messy moments, namely in parts of ‘Alliance in Defiance’ and ‘Devastator’. It’s not lost on me that the finish isn’t supposed to be pristine here, but when the bass is nearly absent in sections, a bit more clarity wouldn’t hurt.


With all of its huge melodies and nostalgic riffage, Revolt Regime is a must-listen for fans of Accept, Van Halen, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, and Judas Priest (which, yes, is every fucking one of you).


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