Mob Rules - Timekeeper - (8.5/10)

Published on December 15, 2014


  1. Temple Fanfare (CD 1)
  2. Pilot of Earth
  3. Black Rain
  4. Cannibal Nation
  5. Astral Hand
  6. Close my Eyes
  7. Dead Man's Face
  8. Among the Gods
  9. In the Land of Wind and Rain
  10. Hollowed be Thy Name
  11. Last Farewell
  12. Ice and Fire
  13. Lord of Madness (Live)
  14. With Sparrows
  15. Rain Song (Live)
  16. Insurgeria (New recording) (CD 2)
  17. Celebration Day (New recording)
  18. Lights Out (New Recording)
  19. End of All Days (New recording)
  20. Broken (New track)
  21. All Above the Atmosphere (New recording)
  22. Coast to Coast (New Recording)
  23. How the Gypsy was Born (Remastered)
  24. Run with the Wolf (New recording)
  25. My Kingdom Come (New Track, Orchestral version)


Heavy Metal / Power



Playing Time:

73:43 / 48:38






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Mob Rules

Mob Rules have been one of the unsung heroes of the heavy/power metal genre for many years now. Formed in 1994, they have released seven albums and never managed to get the attention bands with less of a proven track record have received, and for no apparent reasons. To mark their 20th anniversary, they now offer their fans a 3 CD/DVD box titled Timekeeper, with a 15-track best of, ten tracks of new recordings, new tracks and remastered versions, one single and, well, a DVD, so plenty of material to sink the ears into.


Mob Rules band 

The first CD contains 15 tracks (two of which live), covering their whole career (so not just the Steamhammer albums) and gives an excellent overview of the band’s versatility and quality and with that also gives reason to wonder why Mob Rules have stayed in relative obscurity for pretty much all of their career. What is going to make even long-standing fans of the band open their wallets for this package, is the second CD, which contains ten songs, which all have been (re)recorded with friends of the band, adding to the appeal of the tracks. Ex-Accept fronter U.D.O., Axxis’ Bernhard Weiss, Amanda Somerville, Sinbreed’s Herbie Langhans, Peavy Wagner of Rage and more guest musicians and friends joined the band in the studio for seven old Mob Rules tracks, two brand new songs and a cover version of U.F.O.’s “Lights Out”. The rest (not provided for review) are a 2-track single and the DVD of the band’s gig at Atlanta’s ProgPower festival as added bonus.



Sold at the price of a regular DVD, Timekeeper is a great package that should appeal to both old fans and metalheads wanting to find out about the band. There are best of compilations and best of compilations and this one goes way beyond just a bunch of songs pulled together, bravo!

Alex Melzer

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