Möbiustrip - Hate Pride Pain (and Hope) - (8/10)

Published on March 11, 2019


  1. Hate Pride Pain (and Hope)


Progressive Metal / Rock



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Lately I’ve been feeling like a talent scout among upstarts and underground bands. This is like the umpteenth debut I’ve reviewed lately and a very promising one as well. I don’t know how I stumbled over this band and their debut appears to have popped up out of the ground just a few days back (though the band might argue against that).



Mobiustrip is a Spanish progressive rock/metal act and their first EP “Hate Pride Pain (and Hope)” is basically one 25 minute monster song. It kicks off with a mellow piano and vocal intro that seems to fall in line with an everyday rock ballad, giving no hint about what is to come next. At about a minute and a half in the song a stream of fast technical but still exquisitely melodic guitar and keyboard soloing starts flowing. To me it sounded a lot like early Haken (Aquarius album) from the contrast of groovy guitars, very fluid watery keyboards and the oddly cheerful vibe. Such leads are spread across the entire puzzle and the soloing especially is the kind that despite being fast and technical comes easy to absorb from a listener’s perspective. A section that I must point out is the great guitar keyboard duel that hits at the 11 minute mark. The EP further evolves into a wide array of different verses, solos and numerous progressive bridges and transitions. If you’re into the whole 20 minute long progressive masterworks you will probably like this one.


To draw a conclusion about the music, what you get here is a tapestry of groovy guitars with tons of staccato riffs, a very strong use of keyboards (especially as a lead instrument) and a somehow raspy manly clean singing vocal. Drums and groovy bass form the intricate rhythmic skeleton that the leads rely on. To even click all the prog clichés I think this song might be a story but I’m not sure. What hinted me out was the narrative section at about 16 minutes into the EP that sounds like a news report from a police investigation. Either way it’s well worth checking out and you can do so at the link below and see for yourself. Enjoy!


Author: George Dan

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