Mörbid Vomit - Return To The Crypts - (7/10)

Published on August 1, 2015


  1. Blood Shall Be Shed
  2. From The Unknown
  3. Embodiment Of Death
  4. Another One To Die
  5. Engulfed By The Plague
  6. I Breathe Hell
  7. Fuck The Dead
  8. Torture Ritual
  9. Prime Möver




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Death metal band names are clearly in short supply, as this mob, formed in 2012, have resorted to Mörbid Vomit; umlaut added, presumably, for effect. As if vomit wasn’t unpleasant enough, this vomit is particularly unpleasant as it’s of the ‘mörbid’ variety. I dread to think what mörbid vomit looks like … let alone the smell…

Anyway, onto the music, and this bunch of Finns may have a dash of Swedish blood, as they do a fine impression of the Stockholm sound, buzzsaw guitars and all.




The press release tells us that new release Return To The Crypts is all about “compiling the bands 2012 demo and 2013’s self-released I Breathe Hell EP into one festering compilation”. Festering it may be, but Mörbid Vomit produce good quality death metal, with tons of catchiness throughout and vocals that are growled with occasional roars, recalling such genre heavyweights as Bloodbath’s Åkerfeldt and Gorefest’s de Koeijer.


The first four tracks are taken from the band’s 2012 demo and while they are all fairly enjoyable and more than a little catchy, they’re also on the basic and generic side. “Embodiment of Death” is the pick of these, with “From the Unknown” worthy of note for it’s very Bloodbath-like riffing that recalls one of that band’s finest moments, “Ways To The Grave”.


The sound and quality of the music shifts slightly with the tracks from the I Breathe Hell EP. “Engulfed By The Plague” starts with great, highly headbangable guitars, introduces tempo changes and is one of Mörbid Vomit’s finest moments so far. The EP’s title track is slightly less impressive, but adds a hint of Gorefest to the Stockholm sound which makes for a pleasant change. The following track is catchy, but let down by the gratuitously vulgar title and subject matter, which beckon the simple question: For pity’s sake, why?





“Torture Ritual” is very Bloodbath-esque, with great riffs and a powerful chorus line. It’s hugely infectious and just a guitar solo short of being a fantastic death metal tune. Return To The Crypts closes with a bonus that didn’t feature on either of the previous releases, Mörbid Vomit’s take on the Ghost BC track “Prime Mover”, to the title of which they cheekily add an umlaut. It’s unusual to hear such a new song being covered, but they do a good job, retaining the doomy bass sound you would expect from Ghost BC, but injecting a large dose of heaviness and successfully transforming it into a death metal track.


With no weak tracks and a couple of very good ones, Return To The Crypts is a worthy introduction to a young band. There’s lots of promise here and if they can concentrate less on the “look how shocking we can be” tendency of the genre and more on the quality of the music, Mörbid Vomit could well be one to watch.



James Bushnell

Author: James Bushnell

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