Myth of a Life - She Who Invites - (7.5/10)

Published on August 13, 2016


  1. Codex of Betrayal
  2. Scourged adn Crucified
  3. Lobotomized
  4. Erinyes
  5. Taking Back What Is Mine
  6. Pull the Trigger
  7. Broken
  8. Through the River
  9. She Who Invites
  10. Waiting to Die
  11. Murder
  12. Burning Vision


Melodic Death / Metalcore


Sleaszy Rider Records

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United Kingdom




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Initially formed in Sheffield, UK by Japanese guitarist Takanori Shono, Myth of a Life got its start as a melodic death metal band with members from all over the map. He was joined by an Italian drummer and a Greek vocalist before eventually adding an English bassist. The band released an EP in 2014, titled Erinyes, and things seemingly fell apart. Over the span of the following two years, every member except for vocalist Phil Dellas left the band. In early 2016, Dellas announced a revamped lineup featuring some UK based musicians, notably members of Lacrota and Psython. Though the lineup shifted pretty drastically in that span, the original lineup was able to records their debut full length, She Who Invites, which saw a June 2016 release through Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records.


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Despite the constant line up shifts, Phil Dellas and crew have unleashed a solid, enjoyable chunk of melodic death metal. She Who Invites offers twelve tracks (four of which originally appeared on the EP) and nearly fifty minutes of Swedish-tinged riffing mixed with a more modernized, early 2000’s American sound. While the music does seem to follow many of the stereotypical caveats typically associated with modern melodic death metal, there are some really strong melodies and striking riffing patterns throughout.



The entire band puts on solid performances all around. The bass is thick and salubrious while the drums offer varying takes on fast paced double bass bursts and a swaggering rhythms. Phil Dellas offers a two tone vocal attack, moving between a deep growl and a higher register, almost blackened scream. It allows a bit of versatility, and Myth of a Life use it to their advantage, but in the realm of modern melodic death metal it’s really nothing new. The guitarist puts on a hell of a show, with hook-laden riffs and fast paced arpeggios amid a bed of chunky gallops and a few clunky breakdowns. As a whole, I imagine it’s what the illegitimate love child of Whoracle-era In Flames and early Caliban would sound like.


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So She Who Invites brings out an energetic performance from this Sheffield based melodic death metal unit. It’s not ground breaking, but the tinges of modernity and traces leaning towards the early 2000’s American metalcore sound make for a strong brew. Fans of the style will no doubt find plenty to dig into. The album’s length makes it a tough sell for a single sitting, but it’s clear that these guys have the talent to move on to bigger things.

Shawn Miller

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