Nunslaughter - Witchtrap - Nunslaughter / Witchtrap - (8/10)

Published on November 13, 2014


  1. Nunslaughter - La Ofrenda
  2. Nunslaughter - Altar de la Muerto
  3. Witchtrap - Sex Commander
  4. Witchtrap - The Devil's on the Loose


Death / Black / Thrash


Hells Headbangers Records

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Nunslaughter, the infamous originators of their self-described devil metal, have one of the most sprawling discographies in heavy metal, matched only by a prolific few.. With around 150 releases (mostly in the form of EP’s and splits), the band has been peddling their brand of primitive yet catchy as hell death metal since their 1987. Nunslaughter are joined this time by the Colombian blackened thrash masters Witchtrap, who have been paying their dues since 1992. Both brands bring their own brand of primitive, lowbrow metal to a split 7” through Hells Headbangers, released in October of 2014.


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Nunslaughter leads the charge with two chunks of the devil metal we’ve come to except from Don of the Dead and crew. Interestingly enough, Nunslaughter chose to deliver both of their tracks entirely in Spanish, which just adds a strange new dimension to Don’s growled vocals. “La Ofrenda” balances between fast paced thrashing, primitive chugging and twisted trem riffing, but there is also a dash of crusty d-beat antics thrown in. “Altar de la Muerto” focuses instead of ripping your face off for two minutes with frenetic riffing and nonstop drum rolls. These tracks aren’t anything new as far as Nunslaughter’s sound goes, but, like everything they put out, it’s as fun as primitive death metal can get.


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Witchtrap’s sound throughout the years has been likened to early Teutonic thrash, like Sodom, Destruciton and Kreator. 2002’s Sorceress Bitch remains a favorite among the once burgeoning re-thrash movement (even though Witchtrap have been around since way before that). “The Devil’s on the Loose” certainly reflects the band’s rampant thrashing, with punchy riffing and vocalist/guitarist Burning Axe Ripper giving his best Mille Petrozza impression. It’s just as solid as the band’s early work, but where they strike gold this time is on “Sex Commander”, with it’s infectious riffing and ridiculously lewd lyrics. While they retain a bit of their trademark thrashing, especially during the bridges, the band brings a punkier, hooky vibe to the mix which just flows as the hilarious vocal lines set the stage for the most South American pickup song ever written.



Nunslaughter and Witchtrap may have been around the block a few times, but with this split they’ve both proved they still have plenty of life left. Nunslaughter’s fast and furious assault is just as vicious as ever and the Spanish vocal delivery gives a slightly different twist on their sound. Doing the impossible, Witchtrap steals the show with the “Sex Commander”. Sure the band’s other track is good too, but you can’t go wrong with a ridiculous song about prowling the bar scene. This split is definitely worth spending a few minutes with because, hell, it’s only fourteen minutes long. This is one of the most fun splits I’ve come across in some time; devastating but still fun. Do it for the “Sex Commander”.

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