Omega Point - The Descent - (8/10)

Published on April 18, 2018


  1. The Descent
  2. At Omega Point
  3. The Stones And The Water
  4. Left Uncertain
  5. Untergang
  6. The Seeker
  7. The Hurt
  8. Alles Wird Still


Progressive Black



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Omega Point 3

German YouTube guitarist/musician “Ristridi” has been posting guitar and other song covers for the past eight or so years. While obviously sticking to the metal category, He has done videos on various genres within the metal umbrella, and has garnered a fairly decent following. 2018 is giving this musician a chance to unveil his first studio album, a collection of original songs under the moniker of Omega Point. While doing most of the music himself, along with mixing and mastering, he has also enlisted various musicians from bands like Sektor, Battlecreek and Sadistic Sacrament to handle vocal and bass duties. This debut album, entitled The Descent is a mostly progressive black metal album, with a few other influences trickling in here and there and is generally pretty enjoyable.

The tracks on this debut are of the longer sort, around the five to seven minute mark, giving them a lot of time to show off the various influences of Ristridi. The opening title track gives a good example of the overall sound you will expect, with some light and airy guitar tones, but a nice structure to the song writing. The tracks have various changes and go down different paths, making sure there is no real lull in any one song, but each progression feels natural and flows very well. There are plenty of riffs hearkening back to the older days of second wave black metal, but you won’t be surprised to find some progressive solos peppered in here with some more post-rock vibes as well. No one track comes off as too similar to the one before it, but the album is still cohesive and not just throwing any idea out there for the sake of it. There is a clear thought behind the song writing, and it works very well.

Omega Point 1

Employing various vocalists was also quite a good idea, as it adds to the album with the different types of performances. There are some vicious black metal shrieks, added with some almost operatic clean vocals, to some somber spoken word that all interplay with one another impressively throughout the run-time. There is a definite progressive sense and approach to this album, putting it solidly in the modern era of the genre, while still having plenty to hearken back to the older days, giving The Descent a nice place where it can appeal to fans of various eras. The main focal point of the album of course comes from “Untergang” which really allows this project to show off. The aforementioned black metal and post-rock elements are there, along with some thrash inspired riffing, and a quite impressive solo along with the great vocal performances. Being the longest track on the release, it allows Omega Point to build up the tension of the track, and give the listener the best possible example of what the project is, and can be.

The Descent is quite an impressive outing for this German musician. From a personal standpoint, I had no idea what to expect. I knew from the genre label that I was interested in the music, but had no idea what the project was all about until after my first listen through. Generally, when one thinks of a YouTube musician, it stays at that. There tends to not always be a follow though with any actual recorded music released to a wide audience. However, Omega Point prove that there are some serious skills to this individual beyond guitar cover videos. He clearly knows structuring a song, and understands pacing to a great level. This album is memorable, dark, uplifting at times, and just damned impressive from start to finish. To call this a surprise is an understatement, but it will be very interesting to see where things go from here.

Neill Bird

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