Overkill - The Grinding Wheel - (10/10)

Published on January 29, 2017


  1. Mean Green Killing Machine
  2. Goddamn Trouble
  3. Our Finest Hour
  4. Shine On
  5. The Long Road
  6. Let's All Go to Hades
  7. Come Heavy
  8. Red White and Blue
  9. The Wheel
  10. The Grinding Wheel




Nuclear Blast

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True to the old school.


Remaining true to the old-school, New Jersey thrash legends Overkill have been at the helm of the scene since the early 80s without ever receiving the credit due for keeping the genre as big as it is as they’ve amassed a back-catalog that rivals anyone in the genre from start to finish. With a line-up firing at the top of their game, their celebrated nineteenth album was originally released February 10, 2017 on Nuclear Blast Records.




It should come as to no surprise what the band has been doing in their latest resurgence during the past decade, and for the most part that remains true of their latest release. With efforts like “Mean Green Killing Machine,” “Our Finest Hour” and “Red, White and Blue,” a vast amount of the material here comes off with a great sense reflection on their past employing their trademark swirling thrash riffing and pounding rhythms that signify their self-dubbed ‘Jersey Stomp’ that once again displays their penchant for dynamic tempo shifts that makes the music far more interesting than most suspect. This is fast, urgent and utterly intense at times that features the tight, blistering riff-work and snarling attitude once again being displayed at the top of the game throughout here.




Elsewhere on the album, the band continues to explore their long-standing infusion of groove into their sound that keeps their straightforward sections as biting and intense as ever. With “Goddamn Trouble,” “Shine On” and “The Long Road” capable of carrying their swirling patterns and clanking rhythms into intense sections without relying on their raging speed-drenched paces that are a staple of their sound, it’s all quite familiar in the best way possible by carrying on a traditional feel of their own past rather than looking at anything else in the genre which makes the fiery, explosive material sound rich, dynamic and full of energy that thrashes and rages with the most explosive. Just to nitpick, the album doesn’t really feature the greatest production with the guitars sounding far too clean and lacking the bite that usually comes from their sound. However, this is again nitpicking as the album contains everyone necessary to be enjoyable.



As a nearly-flawless release that has so much to really like about it, this might not be as important or influential as the bands’ past history might be but it is so good at what it does that it stands up as an upper-tier inclusion in their style and makes for another worthy piece to their collection or just metal fans in general.

Don Anelli

Author: Don Anelli

7 thoughts on “Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

    • I agree, this is more of a 9.5 review. Nothing’s gonna stop me getting the new Overkill, but there’s definitely some things mentioned that make it seem less than 100%.

  1. IIf I was going to go with a numerical score, it’d be a 97/100. l was debating a 9.5 or a 10 since it’s close enough between the two, but the more l thought about the better tracks on here it was enough for me to say 10. There’s just such nitpicks that it’s not worth the minor quibble leaving it at a 9.5.

    • It’s your choice to say that, it may be wrong but that’s your choice. I’d have more respect for it if you said why instead of just throwing unsupported comments out there that’s not backed up. l said my piece on the matter.

      • ’twas more meant as a reflection on people splitting hairs between a 9.5 and a 10… I’m sorry your respect took such a hit from my doing so.

        As to the album itself. I’ve never been a huge Overkill fan. I like a few albums here and there and I really liked the last one, but everyone seems to loose their mind whenever they put out a new record and it’s always the same, middle-of-the-road rehash that they’ve put out twenty or so times before. I just find it all really boring. And they continue to have the most annoying bass tone of all time.

        • Well,one of the few things that ‘grinds my gears,’ for lack of a better phrase, is simply throwing something out without further expanding upon that statement. You give me an opinion on something, l want to know why you think that, give me a reason to back up that statement. When l saw that for your post, that kicked in and l assumed you were doing that so that’s on me.

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