Pissed On - The Hanged Man - (8.5/10)

Published on April 1, 2017


  1. Reader
  2. Enter The Void
  3. Zoetic Disgrace
  4. Shriveled Minds
  5. The Hanged Man


Grindcore / Hardcore


Advocate records

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Formed just in 2015, the Louisville, KY grind/powerviolence band Pissed On are already releasing a debut 7” album titled The Hanged Man via Advocate Records. This debut is quick, and of course in your face for nearly the entire ten minutes, but also manages to showcase the band’s ability to mix more thought out moments with the sheer assault of the music. In just five tracks, theres no denying this album is over in a blink of an eye, but there is a lot to digest




The first three tracks on this release are very short bursts as would be expected for the genre. Totaling about four minutes in total length, these songs smash through the speakers with intensity and anger, but showcase the band’s ability to craft some interesting riffs and memorability in their quickness. The vocals on the the album are screamed, but also vary a bit between a more mid-range bark and some deeper growls, to higher screams. It is nice to see and hear the variety in the vocals and the work very well next to the aggression in the music. The guitars are full of riffs, and the drums pound away like mad in the first three songs, but the last couple of tracks showcase a little more of the band’s intent. 



The last couple of tracks are a bit longer, running slightly over two and four minutes respectively, and slow the pace down quite a bit. The increased slowness does not change the vocal approach, making the vocals stand out a bit more and come off as more menacing than prior. The slower, even almost doom or sludge based take on these last couple of tracks are very impressive, and Pissed On manages to let the listener know they can handle both speeds with ease, and still create something to latch onto and come back to. These songs allow the listener to breath a little, which is nice, but are still dark, and do not leave you with any sort of “good” or settled feeling. You will feel dirty after this album is over, and Pissed On would have it no other way. 




The Hanged Man is definitely the right foot forward for a debut from a young band. These guys already sound very confident in their approach, and have enough tricks and variety in their music to make it worth while, and not just feel like a grind/powerviolence clone. While the genre is fully loaded with some power house acts, Pissed On are looking to make a name and there are certainly of words places to look.

Neill Bird

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