Planet Eater - Planet Eater - (8/10)

Published on January 24, 2015


  1. Burn It to the Ground
  2. Collective Amnesia
  3. Making a War
  4. The Pride of Nekron
  5. Smiles Back
  6. The Hordes Emerge


Death / Thrash



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2014 / 2015


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Self described as “old Regina boys in a new Regina scene”, Planet Eater is a Canadian-based death/trash band hailing from Saskatchewan. The band’s debut release, the eponymously titled Planet Eater, was initially released as a limited run of CD’s in October 2014, which have since sold out, but in early January 2015, album was digitally released through Bandcamp. Much like the band’s self-described “old boys in a new scene”, the music seems to teeter on the brink of old fashioned death/thrash with doses of the more technical and modernized scenes of late.


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Planet Eater boasts six tracks and a little over twenty minutes of music. Despite it’s short running time, the band is able to cover a lot of ground. Taking a thick and heavy handed death metal base with some thrashy riffing, the band adds some nimble guitar licks and a dash a groove. The end result sounds like a clash of eras; tinges of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx collide with the more modern styling of, say, Allegaeon or Alterbeast. It’s not as crushing as Bolt Thrower yet it’s not as technically advanced as Allegaeon, instead existing in the area between the two sides.



The EP starts off with “Burn It to the Ground”, with blasting drums and fast-paced, angular riffing. Deep, throaty shouts emerge while the guitars slowly uncover intricate licks before adding a dose of chunky groove and rhythmic palm muting. All of the musicians show their chops, with hefty bass fills and complex licks and riffing patterns. It’s not all about blasting and intricacy, though, as tracks like “Collective Amnesia” and “Smiles Black” balance chugging rhythms and bass heavy sauntering, bordering on groove metal at times. All of these stylistic variations come crashing together during “The Pride of Nekron” which features precision start/stop drumming and tech-tinged death metal riffing which builds into a groove-drenched swagger before climbing back into full tilt blasting.


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By taking a heavy handed death/thrash metal base and combining with a dose of anything and everything heavy, Planet Eater comes across as a melting pot of amalgamate death metal. Not afraid to add some modern elements, Planet Eater brings a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Off to a solid start, the future looks bright for Planet Eater, even if the members consider themselves old boys in a new scene.

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