Precaria - Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering - Dominus Ira - Metamorphosphoros - (9/10)

Published on July 7, 2018


  1. Precaria - Ritus Primordiales
  2. Precaria - Ex Abyssia
  3. Precaria - Traficando los Órganos de la Iglesia
  4. Precaria - La Obra Negra Deicida
  5. Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering - Ascend to Below
  6. Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering - Bliss Inferno / Le Grand Néant
  7. Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering - Breath of Immortality
  8. Dominus Ira - Ashes of Your Faith
  9. Dominus Ira - Eerie Subterranean Call
  10. Dominus Ira - ...of Coldness


Black / Death


I, Voidhanger Records

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From I, Voidhanger Records comes the three-way split between Precaria, Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering, and Dominus Ira, titled Metamorphosphoros. Those familiar with the label’s output thus far should know what to expect, but for those not up to speed, I, Voidhanger has consistently put out some of the most mind-bending and out-of-the-box black metal ever put to tape; and the three acts contained within this split continue that approach. Ritualistic, chaotic black metal unfolds over nearly seventy minutes of music, with all three bands paying tribute, in their own way, to the non-consuming, yet eternal flames of Theion.

Mexico’s Precaria leads the split with four tracks of raw, caustic black metal. Deep, scathing growls narrate the maelstrom of swirling chaos. Frenetic blasts surrounded by maniacal rolls and fills support twisted tremolo riffing which is tempered by gnarled, discordant notes and frequent tempo shifts. The tracks are unsettling, defiant in their resistance to stand still even for a moment; contorting and twisting in their malformed heaviness. Precaria manages to begin the split a sense of ritualistic decrepitude and unnerving grace, offering twisted songwriting that manages to suck the listener into its madness.

Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering follow the abysmal black metal with three tracks of contorted death/black metal. Going for the throat right from the beginning, this Memphis two piece melds abject heaviness with unsettling, eldritch melodies. The instrumentation varies from technical, thunderous percussion tightly woven with pummeling palm muted chords, yet the band manages to weave oddly salient counter-melodies and alien moments of ambient quietude that keep the listener on their toes.

Dominus Ira brings three of the most straight forward tracks of the split, closing things off with a cold and tempered homage to the second wave. The solo project of Russian musician Dmitry Kir, the band’s tracks are full of sweeping tremolo melodies, blasting percussion, and squelched, garbled screams. The main emphasis lies with Dmitry’s highly emotive, frost-laden tremolo riffing, which rarely lets up for the entirety of the three tracks. The first two tracks are cut from the same cloth, delivering six and half minutes of second wave madness, while the album’s closer “…of Coldness” slows things down with a mid-tempo approach that gradually builds to meet the blazing intensity of the others.

From abysmal chaos, to eldritch death/black metal, to cold, frosty second wave, Metamorphosphoros coves a decent amount of ground. The three band’s each fit well within the I, Voidhanger Records roster, displaying something strangely different from what most black metal bands are doing (though Dominus Ira might be the closest to something almost standard here). It’s a long split, but the music is well crafted and highly engaging across the board. It’s impressive that each band took the same central theme of Theion and molded it in their own distinct image, while retaining a quite cohesive feel for the whole release. This is, perhaps, one of the most well rounded and engaging splits I’ve listened to in ages.

Shawn Miller

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