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Published on January 25, 2017


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Grindcore / Hardcore / Crust


Third I Rex

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Rest are a grindcore/hardcore band hailing from Italy. New to the scene in this form, having just gotten together in 2014, the band is made up of members that are no strangers to the metal world. Complete with members from bands such as Whane, Inira, and Ashes Of Nowhere, this four piece act hits the mark in quite a few ways. A total surprise near the end of 2016, and one that was very welcome. 


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This release wastes no time in getting to the point. With only five tracks in less than 15 minutes, you should already have an idea what to expect. Mostly fast, intense songs that pound the listener into submission without letting you catch much of a breath. In fact it takes until the third track before things really slow down enough for you to take a second and get your bearings together. The music is of course pissed off and aggressive, but there is still some sense of structure within the music. It is not just furious for the sake of it, and there are discernible riffs and grooves in the mixture. That being said, there is still plenty of fury and just out and out chaos being presented here. The last track though does give us some surprise as it is quite a bit slower and longer than the previous tracks, and also comes across a bit more industrial at times. “V’ proves to be a fitting end to the album and one that is actually quite disturbing in places with the samples being played under the riffs and really leaves the album off on a very negative emotional vibe. Where as the album before felt angry and forceful, the album ends on a dark and disturbing note leaving the listening audience in an uncomfortable state. 



Vocally, the album features only barks and screams you would be accustomed to in extreme metal and grind. At times, grind albums run the risk of being too much of the same the entire time, but the fact that the band only placed five tracks on the album help break it up nicely. The vocals do not become grating or monotonous which can happen to some bands, and the last track itself is entirely instrumental save for the aforementioned samples. The production on the album is stellar as well, capturing everything with clarity, but still managing to not lose any of the raw power these guys are unleashing. The opening couple of tracks hit hard and leave you leveled for the duration of the release


Rest may not be on the tip of many tongues in the discussion of great grind bands, or part of the more well known bands, but this is not a release to sleep on. With Nails and Gadget releasing some great records in 2016 and The Drip promising to make a big statement in 2017, Rest may fall by the wayside for some, but hopefully over time this release will get some very deserved attention

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