Silver Wind - Legion of the Exiled - (8.5/10)

Published on February 13, 2018


  1. Intro
  2. Legion of the Exiled
  3. Miracle Steel
  4. Fight for Glory
  5. Steel Against Steel
  6. Lord of the Last Rampart
  7. Revenge
  8. Medieval Steel (Medieval Steel cover)
  9. Sword of the Snow


Heavy Metal / Power


No Remorse Records

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The French may not be known for straight up heavy metal but that does not stop Silver Wind from aiming for the moon with their debut full-length Legion of the Exiled. Their sound is clearly influenced by classic Running Wild as they gallop their way through nine songs of heavy/power metal with swords firmly in hand! This is the kind of music that makes you want to grab your steel and ride into battle to crush your enemies! Mind you, this is not Blazon Stone trying to re-capture the glory of classic RW. The influence is undeniable but Silver Wind are great on their own merits. This album is extremely difficult to find so very few people have heard it. That is a shame because this album needs to be heard!



The riffs on here are pretty awesome with plenty of galloping rhythms to suit the fancy of even the pickiest of fans. They also have some pretty solid power to them to accent the speedy gallops. The melodies and solos are also pretty damn good. The solos in “Lord of the Last Rampart” are particularly excellent and they get extra points for opening and closing the song. The melodies in the title track and “Miracle Steel” are catchy as hell and they are genuinely awesome. “Fight for Glory” probably has the heaviest riffs on the album and combined the gallops, it makes for a song that just rocks. Seriously though, if the title track does not get your blood pumping, there is something wrong with you.



The title track opens with some great percussion to set the tone for this album right off the bat. It almost sounds like a ship’s cannon going off, which fits the battle theme of this album. The drums are very solid with plenty of speed to complement the galloping riffs. It sounds pretty natural and there are a lot of fast alternating beats that keep this album moving at a pretty good clip. There are also a bunch of solid fills and patterns that are generally fun to keep the mood light and the good times flowing. Francois also throws in some nice rim drumming every so often and repeats the percussion a few times during the course of the album. He could make better use of cymbals but other than that, his drumming is really good for this style.



The vocals are pretty awesome, sitting primarily in the mid-range but with plenty of high screams that totally rule. The vocals on the Medieval Steel cover are basically all high falsetto and it sounds glorious. The original is better but it is still a great cover. Antoine’s vocals have plenty of power behind them and he suits the band’s sound incredibly well. “Lord of the Last Rampart” shows that Antoine has significant range as he goes from low to mid-range to high and back throughout the four plus minutes that compose the song. “Revenge” has even more awesome high screams and even boasts a bit of harmony.


This is a great album with lots of galloping riffs and tasty lead work to dig into. It is not mind-blowing or earth-shattering in any way but it does not have to be. This is Silver Wind’s debut so there is plenty of time for them to get even better and come back with a follow-up that will blow everyone away. We can only hope that No Remorse Records releases this album to the world sooner rather than later because fans of classic Running Wild will love this album. As an added bonus, it should get more people to listen to Medieval Steel.

Eric Ward

Author: Eric Ward

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