Sivyj Yar - Burial Shrouds - (8/10)

Published on September 14, 2015


  1. Famine
  2. Burial Shrouds
  3. The Earth Breathes Sorrow
  4. Like A Spark We Will Vanish Into The Darkness
  5. In Gray Izbas Ancient Rus' Endures
  6. The Snow Shall Fall A Long While


Atmospheric Black / Pagan


Avantgarde Music

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Sivyj Yar, A one-man black metal band hailing from Russia has been releasing some very interesting and well done music for the genre since its inception in 2006. 2014 saw the act release a quite strong effort via Avantgarde Music, and just one year later we see the release of the man’s latest opus, Burial Shrouds. Complete With some great atmospherics and even upbeats music at times, this new release continues the path of strong Sivyj Yar material, and creates a stunning album in general. 





The sound of Burial Shrouds is pretty bright and upbeat in a lot of ways. The guitars are very light sounding at various sections, and the keys add a lot of melody as well. Drumming on the record is impeccable and hits the faster beats well but adds a lot of structure and even more “poppy” moments at times. Vocally, the album features mostly howled vocals, adding a good amount of anguish and despair to the songs, but not to the point where the album feels like a depressive black metal collection. Each song flows very nicely and weaves itself from one part to another and transitions into the following track equally as well, with the slight exception of the intro into the title track. Even after repeat listens, this movement feels a tad jarring, but not enough to diminish the quality of the actual material. 



Production wise, Burial Shrouds hit the mark as well. The vocals are a little more airy, and distant, where the music takes the center stage and creates quite a bit of atmosphere and emotion with each passing minute. Especially on the final track, which has the aforementioned upbeat feeling, but ends in more ambient few minutes almost helping to further the pagan/heritage based aspect of the band. The only slight issue at hand is, again, the title track which sounds weirdly low in comparison to the other tracks being presented. 

Despite a couple weird anomalies, Burial Shrouds is another strong record in the Sivyj Yar discography. Energetic when needed, but not without plenty of melody and atmosphere. As it stands currently, the project has a hit on their hands and will hopefully be able to continue the momentum up for future releases as well.

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