Front Beast - Staub - Staub / Front Beast - (4/10)

Published on August 5, 2015


  1. Staub - Todesangst wird zum Normalzustand
  2. Front Beast - Geschichten aus der Folterkammer




Deathstrike Records

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This split, released by Deathstrike Records in 2003, brings together two German black metal projects, Front Beast and Staub with each band bringing a seven minute track. Front Beast started in 1999 and has released a steady stream of splits, EP’s and demos along side two full length albums, and is still soldiering on at the time of this writing. Staub was active in the late ’90s and early 2000’s, when three splits and a compilation were released, before disbanding.


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Staub, at the time of this recording, was a solo project of Err0r, who was also in a bunch of obscure German black metal bands that never really went anywhere. “Todesangst wird zum Normalzustand” begins the split, with an, ahem, interesting take on relatively raw black metal. The title is loosely translated as “agony is the normal state” and given the music on display, it’s certainly agonizing to listen to. While I’m not familiar with the rest of the band’s discography, if this track is any indication, it’s not worth venturing very far with. Cramped, programmed drums blast along, with an electronic feel to as the guitars bring a buzzsaw tone with riffs that continuously circle with the same tempo and pattern. There’s strange midi / early video game sounds thrown throughout that clash with the traces of keyboards and organ patches, giving a very weird sound that I can only liken to raw black metal with atmospheric and DSBM tendencies crashing headfirst into a Castlevania and Contra mash up.


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Front Beast has a large discography of short releases, but they all tend to reside in the simplistic, no frills category; having pretty strong similarities to the likes Countess, Batathrum and Megiddo, to name a few. Everything is solely performed by Avenger, who’s also also in a ton of other projects, of which Nocturnal is the most prominent. Front Beast’s contribution to the split is “Geschichten aus der Folkkammer”, a track which moves between cyclical trem riffing and prominent, rolling melodic licks. The rhythm section is pretty straight forward, focusing on running double lines and double kicks while the bass plods along, audible but nothing spectacular. Avenger’s vocals come across like tortured, scraping screams, which don’t really fit with the lowbrow style of the song. Regardless, Front Beast’s track completely outshines Staub’s.



While Front Beast brings a pretty decent track, the Staub track is awful and near unlistenable. Front Beast has a large enough discography that it shouldn’t really matter if you skip this one. Honestly, the only reason anyone should even attempt to find this is if your looking to complete your absurd collection of obscure German black metal that no one else wants to listen to. What’s sad is that Front Beast’s track is good, it’s just not worth the time to track this down and it’s completely weighted down the abominable Staub track.

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