Stereo Nasty - Nasty by Nature - (7.5/10)

Published on October 29, 2015


  1. Black Widow
  2. Holy Terror
  3. Interstellar
  4. The Fear
  5. Out of the Fire
  6. Death Machine
  7. In the Blood
  8. Under Her Spell
  9. Warriors
  10. Demon Halo


Heavy Metal



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Call me what you will, but there is a certain way that heavy metal must be created. No, that way isn’t strictly down to form or technique or even a particular sound. As cliché as it sounds, that way comes from the passion of those who channel its energy and project it on to those willing to give in to that energy. It comes from enjoyment of doing what you love. Formulas seldom change but sometimes that passion does – either it’s there or it isn’t. Thankfully, the new Irish warriors on the field, Kildare’s Stereo Nasty, have enough of this passion coursing through their veins to make up for what even some well-established acts fail to do: release an enjoyable record that makes us proud of what we listen to.




Given this, Stereo Nasty offer nothing new to the table but I think I speak on behalf of most us that the originality ship sailed long ago. But what they do deliver is 10 fun-filled head-banging charges into the heart of the beast, the pumping heart of all things heavy metal. Like most new and unsigned bands they do everything within their power to keep their crowd enthralled and engaged to build on that solid foundation that carries them from strength to strength, yet leave them wanting more. This is exactly what Nasty by Nature is: a debut release full of crowd-pleasing fist-pumping heavy metal anthems that we can all sing along (and dance recklessly) to.



Getting things underway without delay is opener “Black Widow” and it sets the precedent for the rest of the record: short yet sharp bursts of heavy metal glory pulsing with sustained riffs and a gloriously ‘80s solo from Adrian Foley that calls upon the forefathers of the era. “Interstellar” is another, ahem, stellar piece, with its excellent epic-calling intro and catchy vocal hooks courtesy of frontman Mick Mahon; it is his vocals that elevate this solid record to even greater heights – a near-perfect embodiment of all things metal – just check out “Out of the Fire” and tell me I’m wrong! Great vocals and riffs are abound throughout, whether they are ripping through like the “Death Machine” or uniting us with the chants of “In the Blood”, they simply deliver the goods we crave.



For a new band this is a damn fine album that you’d be sure to want to check out. The pacing doesn’t often change here and at times the lyrics come across as cliché but there is always time for development. Besides, this is heavy metal played with all the passion we could ask for – and it’s hellishly catchy. Their journey has just begun and Stereo Nasty clearly want us on the (hopefully) long road with them, one fist raised in the air, the other clutching onto the poison of choice. I hope that they continue to pump that heavy metal blood through our veins.

Author: Jamie Cansdale

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