Suicide by Tigers - Suicide by Tigers - (4/10)

Published on September 20, 2016


  1. Death on Your Trail
  2. Beautiful Nights
  3. Pack of Wolves
  4. Vicious Malicious
  5. Fox in a Hole
  6. True Believers
  7. Ball of Fire
  8. Keep You Smiling
  9. Karma (CD bonus track)


Hard Rock / Rock / Heavy Metal


Smilodon Records

Playing Time:







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Suicide by Tigers sounds like a rather drastic way to kill yourself, my own suicide is far less complex and probably much less painful. I would start with overdosing sleeping pills and go to sleep on a railroad bridge with a timed explosive attached to my body, as that would be simple enough and definitive enough. Kind of a funny thing to think about, death and after thinking of the best and simplest method of killing myself I came to think of why these guys would like to go somewhere and use tigers to kill themselves. It isn’t because their music is so bad that they are so ashamed of themselves that they want to die, but maybe it is because they wanted to live thirty or forty years ago.



Their music certainly sounds like something from the past, like so many bands these days. It is kind of a trend playing nostalgic stuff; these guys probably love Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and some other bands that had their heyday back in the past. Even the sound is very retro, like they have dug up something from the past. I think the album would have benefited from some more tempo and more energy, it feels somewhat tired and somewhat unimaginative. I would deduce that you have to live in the past to like this kind of thing, it was better in the good old days – or so they say.




Nah, I can’t say that I like this. Sure, it isn’t bad in any measurable way but to be good or noticed these days you should either be amazingly good or reinventing the music you make, and these guys are doing neither of that. They are okay, not bad enough to want to suicide yourself with the help of tigers but not good enough to run too fast away from those tigers either. And in the end I have to throw it away before my cat decides to murder me, he certainly don’t like it – I just fail to get excited by it and decide to move to something more interesting.

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