Templar - Knights of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ - (8/10)

Published on December 18, 2018


  1. Decibel Tyrant
  2. Flaming Metal Supremacy
  3. War Lesbians
  4. Templaric 女武侠
  5. Renegade Templar of the Radiating Deserts


Black / Thrash



Playing Time:







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Spiked, leather-clad ghouls of the post-nuclear wastelands, Finland’s Templar attack in full force, fully irradiated with sounds the of the sleaziest and gnarliest blackened thrashing around. Released on Halloween in 2018, the band’s debut demo, the aptly titled Knights of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ, brings five tracks across eighteen minutes of insanity.

Templar’s music is raw and stripped down, even for the style. The recording is extremely muddy, yet everything is quite audible throughout. The guitars sound like they were recorded in a different room, mostly consisting of blazing tremolo passages and rollicking palm muted thrash riffs, though a few really fantastic speed metal infused leads are strewn throughout. The bass thumps along quite nicely in a very punk-esque style, though it doesn’t really reach prominence anywhere in the demo. The drums are pretty unhinged, sticking with a punkish battering, with a few blasting bursts of double bass. The vocals are mostly spastic growls and screams, though there are a few grunts that would make Tom G. Warrior proud.

It might sound like pretty standard fair on paper, but the band brings it together in a way that’s catchy and convincing as hell. It honestly sounds like a bunch of old school metal vets getting together to drink beers and jam together after spinning Venom and Bathory records. Sure it’s derivative and it’s raw, but this isn’t a demo that’s meant to set the world on fire. This is a demo for old school maniacs and worshipers of whatever Fenriz picks as the band of the week. Templar brings the best parts of Abigail and Bulldozer and the like and just rocks the fuck out with it.

Shawn Miller

Author: Shawn Miller

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