Tengger Cavalry - Mountain Side - (8/10)

Published on July 16, 2016


  1. Intro
  2. Mountain Side
  3. War Horse [2016 Version]
  4. Mountain Side [Acoustic Version]
  5. Interlude
  6. Mountain Side [Club Version]
  7. Krutaya Gora
  8. Mountain Side [Instrumental Version]
  9. Tengger Cavalry [Live]
  10. War Horse [2016 Version]





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China, People’s Republic




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Tengger Cavalry


Chinese/Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry managed to turn itself into a pretty worldwide phenomenon, not just by being a somewhat “exotic” combination or by mainman Nature Ganganbaigal making the big move to New York City, but by producing some outstanding and thoroughly original music that with its authenticity took the world by storm. It even enabled Nature to obtain a green card for the United States as “Mongolian Folk Heavy Metal Musician”, how cool is that?


Tengger Cavalry band


Mountain Side is an EP that basically has three songs, an interlude and an intro in a ten-song track list. How does that make sense? “Mountain Side” is available in a total of five versions, bolstering the total count quite a bit. And while this many different versions of the same song can at times be a way to artificially blowing up playing time, they actually all show sufficient differences to warrant being on here.


The “original” track is in full tradition with Tengger Cavalry’s track record, so to say, and with its characteristic rhythm/riffing, the throat singing and the traditional folk instruments it proves once more that Tengger Cavalry is a truly unique band that can be picked out of a line-up as original, something that not many bands these days can claim. The other versions are acoustic (which strangely enough still contains some electric guitar in the solo section…), Club Mix (with synthetic drum loops and some more keyboard effects, which together with the folk instruments and melodies could actually open up plenty of new avenues), Russian (“Krutaya Gora” is the same song, just with Russian lyrics and at the beginning the sound of an army marching) and finally instrumental.



Other than that there is a re-recorded version of “War Horse” off the Sunesu Cavalry album and a live rendition of the band hymn “Tengger Cavalry” that had first surfaced on the band’s Blood Sacrifice Shaman debut album as well as a brief interlude and two folk jams at the end.


With only one real new song, it remains up for debate how much value Mountain Side actually holds, but it still is 100% Tengger Cavalry and holds up their string of quality music, further cementing their status as one of folk metal’s best and most unique acts regardless!

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