Thanatomania - Resignation - (8/10)

Published on April 6, 2018


  1. Resignation I
  2. Resignation II
  3. Resignation III
  4. Resignation IV
  5. Resignation V
  6. Resignation VI


Depressive Black


Schattenkult ProduktionenNarbentage Produktionen

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Active since 2009, Thanatomania is three piece black metal band from Berlin. The band released their debut demo, Mykonismus, in 2013 and an EP, Drangsal, in 2016, so their 2018 album, Resignation, marks the project’s full length debut, nearly a decade after forming. The six track album was released on CD through Scahttenkult Produktionen (limited to 300 copies) and on cassette through Narbentage Produktionen (limited to 66 copies).

Resignation merges misanthropic, mid-tempo black metal with a spattering depressive black metal and post-black shoegazery. The end result is a surprisingly catchy and evocative album that remains quite upbeat in spite of an overarching air of melancholy lurking in the shadows. The tracks are only named by their track number and there are no lyrics in the booklet, so there’s no blatant statement on what the album is about; though a quick listen will surely show the gloominess and resentful anger contained within.




From blastbeats and raging tremolo riffing to introspective touches of depressive black mourning and post-black wandering, Resignation covers a fair amount of ground while staying true to their roots. There are frequent breaks and segues woven throughout the tracks, giving ample breathing room, like where the fourth track effortlessly flows from blasts to shoegaze-esque despair to full bodied atmospheric black metal riffing and back to blasts. The musicians are competent enough, with some well constructed riffs and drumming patterns (even if the open hi-hat in some parts is a bit grating), though the bassist surely requires a special mention, as his lines flow like melted butter in the background. The vocals mostly consist of throaty growls and screams, evoking despair in a fitting manner. While all of the performances are quite good all around, there are a few jarring moments that venture into proggy weirdness towards the end of the album that leave me a bit cold.

Overall, though, Resignation is a fine debut full length from a band that’s been around for nearly a decade. A fine blend of misanthropic, mid-tempo black metal with post-black and depressive black metal. While I’m usually turned off by most DSBM and post-black acts, Thanatomania keeps things moving along nicely with a reliance on blasty, trem-driven black metal (and, again, those cool bass lines). While Resignation sounds like the last will and testament of a depressed soul, let’s hope that this isn’t the last we hear from Thanatomania.

Shawn Miller

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