The Body & Krieg - The Body & Krieg - (9/10)

Published on November 4, 2015


  1. Bottom of the Bottle, Bottom of the River
  2. Carved Out and Caved In
  3. Fracture
  4. Celebrate Your Shame
  5. Never Worth Your Name
  6. Gallows
  7. A Failure Worth Killing Yourself
  8. The Final Nail


Industrial / Noise / Blackened Doom


At A Loss Recordings

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Two mainstays of American metal come together to give you nightmares.



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The Body and Krieg are two bands that do not need much of an, if any introduction. Both acts have been around since the 90s and have released quite a bit of material over the years. While Krieg has done more in regards to full-length material, The Body has been making a big name for themselves with the various collaborations they have released (as well as their own albums, of course). While Krieg has been a staple of the US black metal scene, The Body have been providing their fans with some haunting doom/sludge music with plenty of samples and horror-based elements. Naturally, it seems these two forces were meant to be when it came to doing something together. Thus, At A Loss Recordings is gracing us with The Body & Krieg, a harsh industrial and noise collab with plenty of terrifying vocals to be had. 






It is safe to say that this collaboration is not for easy listening. The screeching noise that starts off the record seldom settles down, and the pounding drums and industrial beats create a cacophonous wall of harshness. Never-The-Less, each track manages to have its own voice, as each piece can stand on its own while still fitting the whole of the album. Further, there are a few moments that would be more akin to the doom that The Body would normally provide, but the extra electronics make these passages even more haunting and they never let up on the uneasy feeling the record provides. Some melody is here as well in the form of an acoustic guitar or higher pitched noises, but they usually lend themselves as being more ambience to the horrific crashes and pulsations.





Vocally, Chip and Neill are quite complimentary. They tend to trade off pretty well on each track, never seeming to be selfish or trying to out do one another. The distinct shrill of Chip is the perfect couple to Neill’s harsher, lower-range scream. The two seem to have a great idea on how to trade off as well, not making these changes arbitrarily, but doing so to accentuate the song and the tones even more. While Chip’s howl can be truly unsetting, Neill has a knack for sounding downright inhuman, creating a monster all his own. Overall, their voices work in great harmony with one another and further the evocative music.






The Body are known for their collaborations lately, having released and toured with Thou in recent time, while Krieg have been making their brand of black metal stronger in the last year with the wonderful Transient. However, the two decided to work together and the results were nothing short of breath-taking. Certainly not for the faint of heart, The Body & Krieg is a powerful, dark and downright petrifying piece of work. For the fans of doom, black metal, noise and industrial there is definitely something well worth your time. Seek it out.

Neill Bird

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