Throne of Evil - Concimiento Oculto - (8/10)

Published on January 11, 2018


  1. Bajando de la Montaña
  2. New Shadows in the Cave
  3. Liber al vel Vegis
  4. Grito de Odio Ahogado en el Bosque
  5. Himno a Satanas




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Conocimiento Oculto is the latest release from Chilean black metal group Throne of Evil. Originally released independently as a digital download, the five track EP recently saw a limited edition CD version through Schattenkult Produktionen. While I’m not familiar with the band’s previous material, longtime member Balrog is also in the occult black/doom group Concatenatus and drummer Lord Mashit has been active in a bunch of other projects.

This latest EP brings four original tracks and their own take on Emperor’s classic “Inno a Satana” (though their version is titled “Himno a Satanas”). Their choice for a cover song should deliver a bit of insight into their sound, as they eschew the typical bestial black/death metal that the South American scene usually brings in favor of delivering cold, frozen black metal heavily influenced by the second wave. Razor sharp tremolo riffing with a biting tone leads most of the songs down an archaic path, carving out a near-constant barrage of freezing, yet highly melodic passages. The drumming offers some fantastic handwork, especially with how Lord Mashit weaves the hi-hat and ride cymbals into a patchwork of blistering double bass runs and blasts.

The four proper tracks are convincing enough, with Balrog’s torn-throat screams and the band’s penchant for churning lengthy, yet highly listenable second wave influenced black metal, but their cover of the Emperor track is just incing on the cake. Sure it’s not quite as pristine as the original, but Throne of Evil is able to put their own spin on a black metal classic. Concimiento Oculto is a really cool chunk of straight forward black metal that offers just about anything a genre fan could want to hear. Sure the production is a bit raw, but that’s just how these type of albums should sound. Despite Chile being a veritable hotbed of sweltering Sarcófago influenced black/death metal, Throne of Evil proves that sometimes sticking to the basics produces fantastic results.

Shawn Miller

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