Torrid Husk - Caesious - (7/10)

Published on April 2, 2015


  1. Cut With Rain
  2. Thunder Like Scorn
  3. Paranoia


Melodic Black / Black


Grimoire Records

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Despite very little information being available about this band, Torrid Husk has already has a full-length record and split under their belts. 2014 saw the three piece (now a four-man group) record and unveil their Caesious EP through Grimoire Records. With just three tracks and a brisk 18 minute run-time, Torrid Husk waste no time showing that they are pretty capable musicians in the black metal genre. 



With just a brief nature-scape intro, this act come right through the speakers with their raw onslaught of sharp guitars and impressively fast drumming. The snarled vocals add to the mixture, and the bass adds that extra layer that combines everything together. The sound isn’t exactly new by any means, being more in a traditional sense with the cold, tremolo guitar playing, and plenty of blast beats and double bass. The shrieks are wonderful here, but the vocals also change from time to time to a quite deep and menacing death growl. Despite coming from West Virginia, Caesious sounds right at home with many European style black metal acts, which is a nice change from many of the more “experimental” bands in the U.S. 




There are plenty of tempo changes in these three pieces as well, including some acoustic guitar and a more solemn tone. However brief, the slower section comes in at roughly the half-way mark of the second track (halfway through the album as well), and shows the more melodic side of the band. The rawness of the production on the EP is perfectly complimentary, and the album sounds as if it were performed live. The information does state this was recorded in a cabin and captured by Grimoire Records owner Noel Mueller, so I would not be at all surprised if this was recorded live, and possibly in very few takes (if not a single take). At times though, the vocals do sound bit weaker in the mix, which may be due to the method of recording, but the overall strength of the songs are undeniable. 



Caesious shows an assumed younger band really showing what they can do, and doing it well. While not wholly original, the album these men have unleashed is one to take notice of, because it shows a lot of potential, and possibly a band that will be going more places sooner than later. Ultimately, It is a good starting point, and may not light the world on fire, but is solid enough to keep an eye on. 


Neill Bird

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