Trixter - Trixter - Human Era - (8.5/10)

Published on May 26, 2015


  1. Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night
  2. Crash That Party
  3. Not Like All The Rest For You
  4. Every Second Counts
  5. Beats Me Up
  6. Good Times Now
  7. Midnight In Your Eyes
  8. All Night Long
  9. Soul Of A Lovin' Man
  10. Human Era


Hard Rock


Frontiers Records

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Countless bands managed to enjoy their bit of success in the late eighties and early nineties, before grunge took over and swallowed a whole scene, sending it into a commercial downward spiral that killed the majority of them. New Jersey’s Trixter had been one of these bands, with their self-titled debut in 1990 going gold and follow up Hear! in 1992 being sentenced to eternal doom by the grunge wave they released two very enjoyable hard rock/glam metal hybrid albums that stood out from the masses of bands that had tried their luck during that era. Disbanding in 1995, the same line-up got back together twelve years later, released New Audio Machine in 2012 and now arrive at Human Era, once more released via Italian Frontiers Records.


Trixter band


And Human Era sounds exactly like the band did in their early heydays, which is great news for fans of the band, since usually bands of this style either “grow up” or add an alternative or other more modern twist to their music, not Trixter, though, who still deliver the catchy good mood hard rock of yore that belies them being 20 years older by now. While the music scene definitely has changed and the market for their sound may not be as fertile as back when they started out, there is no denying that Human Era is an excellent album that should bring plenty of joy to the genre fans.


Starting out with “Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night”, Trixter immerse the listener with their immediately accessible yet at the same time never shallow rock that inevitably will put you into a good mood and party mode, which continues through upbeat and energetic “Crash That Party”. Powerful “For You”, the ballad “Beats Me Up”, playful “Midnight in Your Eyes”, mature “Soul of a Lovin’ Man” and the excellent title track form the other cornerstones of this album, showing a band that successfully managed to pick up where they were forced to leave off all those years ago.



Human Era shows a band that is tight as a duck’s rear, throwing hooks and choruses that will stick to your brain for days by the dozen (well, almost), but keep their old fashioned rock’n’roll attitude alive without coming off as an anachronism or a band desperately trying to regain lost ground. Despite standing in full tradition of their first two albums, Human Era sounds fresh and energetic and quite frankly one never gets the impression that the band had been gone for over a decade. A great album for the summer season, with the windows down and the stereo blasting!

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