Violent Scum - Festering in Endless Decay - (8/10)

Published on May 31, 2017


  1. Burial in the Sky
  2. The Secret Cult of Darkness
  3. Revenge Offerings




Blood Harvest

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Festering in Endless Decay is the debut demo from the cryptic Chilean death metal act Violent Scum. The band formed in 2015 and quickly put out the demo as a limited run of CDs, independently. The band’s vicious brand of acerbic, occult death metal caught the ear of Swedish label Blood Harvest, who produced a limited run of cassettes to help spread the word.


The demo is only three tracks long, clocking in at a little under eleven minutes. But in that short time Violent Scum leave no room for questions as to what their aim is; no frills bestial South American death metal. While the band’s sound is obviously an homage to the likes of Pentagram Chile and Atomic Aggressor, Festering in Endless Decay is a strong statement from the band right out of the gate. If these guys can keep on the same trajectory, they’ll soon be front runners in the scene.


The three tracks are morbidly cryptic, pulsing with a hot and sweltering vengeance that the Chilean death metal scene excels in. Crushingly barbaric riffing with flailing accoutrements and pummeling, thundering percussion meet headfirst with deep, gravel-laden growls summoned from the depths. Despite the abhorrently occult darkness that surrounds the demo, the band offers excellent, almost militant control and instrumentation with an extremely professional production job, despite the fact that this is a demo ripped straight from the darkest depths of the underground. This is a pretty great demo that should have fans of the scene salivating and desperately wanting more.

Shawn Miller

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