Watercolour Ghosts - Watercolour Ghosts - (8/10)

Published on December 25, 2015


  1. Like Animals
  2. Breathe
  3. Collapse
  4. Despondent
  5. Solipsism
  6. Like Animals (Acoustic)


Rock / Progressive Rock / Post Rock



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Hailing from the land down under, Perth’s Watercolor Ghosts are quite the interesting entity, with influences ranging from shoe-gaze to alt and progressive rock. While the band is fairly new, they already seem to have a good sense of who they are, and have seemed to come into their own on their overall approach. This debut self-released and self-titled EP showcases some catchy hooks, and manages to give a glimpse into a band that could have a very promising future. 




The six track EP, five originals and one acoustic version of the opener, is chock-full of some pretty dense production and instrumentation, while the vocals manage to be catchy and at times quite harmonious and ethereal. The higher ranged vocals can feel a little out of place in a couple of sections, but they are used usually very well, and seem especially fitting on the acoustic album closer. The remainder of the vocals are more mid-range but are placed into the layered and ‘wall-of-sound’ instrumentation, giving them a transcendent and uplifting feel. Musically, the band could fit at home with some alt rock acts of the last 20 years or so, while also having elements of some of the more recent progressive or even the ‘djent’ style bands like Periphery or Tesseract. However, the overall songwriting and replay value seems to be much stronger with Watercolor Ghosts than either of those acts. There are plenty of great atmospherics at play as well, that make the album sound even fuller and help create a nice and thick body to this EP. There are a lot of elements going on all at once, which is usually quite enjoyable, but it does have a few little hiccups along the way. 




While the vocals and music tend to harmonize well with each other, and they do create some very encompassing music; there are a few issues with some of the music drowning out the vocals at times, which is really the only downside to the recording, but one that could be (hopefully) easily fixed on future releases. As it is, Watercolor Ghosts is a very enjoyable half-hour record, a great glimpse into what the band is capable of, but doesn’t sound as if there is just potential for the future. They have already found their sound and are doing quite a damn good job of it, and it will be great to see what these Australian rockers can come up with in the future.

Neill Bird

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