Weapönizer - Lawless Age - (8.5/10)

Published on June 24, 2017


  1. Malefactor
  2. Hellbound
  3. Vulture
  4. Rattenkrieg
  5. Lawless age
  6. Gangrene
  7. Iron Clan Exiles
  8. Temple of the Iron Skull
  9. World War 2


Black / Thrash


20 Buck Spin

Playing Time:







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Colorado’s Weapönizer has been running the guns since 2009, releasing a handful of splits and demos alongside their eponymous 2011 full length debut. Though the band has remained largely active, six years of separation lie between the debut and their second full length, 2017’s Lawless Age, released through 20 Buck Spin.



Lawless Age pretty much picks up where their debut left off; heavy handed, blackened, thrashing, post-apocalyptic, metal of death. While the band’s early material was a blast, and brought a surprisingly fresh DIY approach to black/thrash metal, the recordings were on the raw side. Regardless, the band’s driving, thunderous, bass heavy, speeding, blackened thrash metal was solid. This is what makes Lawless Age so immediately satisfying, as the new album boasts a killer production that sees Weapönizer’s sound swaggering with all of proper intensity it deserves.


Ripping thrash riffs and stomping double kicks surge forward in a blistering fashion only to ram headfirst into walls of blasting drums and fiery trem riffs, only to regroup and return with an acerbic ferocity. The vocals are fierce and corrosive growls, bordering on a vitriolic bark. Rangy speed metal licks and charging death metal riffing round of the bands sound, offering something that touches upon many niches of metal without sounding like haphazard slop. The way Weapönizer deftly moves back in forth from thrash to black to speed metal to death and back to death is impressive: it’s a testament to their songwriting ability and to their instrumentation skills.



Lawless Age is a nonstop hellride of rabid and raw black/thrash metal. Don’t let the retro/synthwave styled album art fool you, because this is vicious, post-apocalyptic metal that will tear your face off. Fans of the first wave should definitely find plenty to enjoy here, though there’s plenty of ripping and thrashing to lure in adherents of early Teutonic thrash. Extra props to the band for covering one of my favorite English Dogs tracks, “World War 2”.

Shawn Miller

Author: Shawn Miller

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