Whorid - Bloated Pig Carcass In A Shallow Wake - (8/10)

Published on February 25, 2016


  1. To The Death Sentence Of Abandonment
  2. I Never Loved You; I Suffered You
  3. Incessant Decay
  4. Ochlophobia
  5. Self Medicating Isolation
  6. Harbinger Of False Promises
  7. Capture
  8. Meek Death
  9. Nothing Is Left


Noise / Industrial / Drone


Annihilvs Power Electronix

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Whorid is the name of the self described “Self-harm electronics” project spearheaded by sole member Daniel Suffering who also performs in Theologian. Forming in Philadelphia, PA and signed to Annihilvs Power Electronix, the darkly titled Bloated Pig Carcass In A Shallow Wake has all of the makings of a strong and nihilistic ambient noise record, and there are plenty of entrancing and contemptuous electronics being presented to make this album one that makes quite the impact.


Whorid - Daniel Suffering



Bloated Pig is not as harsh as some acts in the genre, being that the level of the noise and electronics are kept too a more deep and haunting variety as opposed to the higher squeals and sharp piercing notes some acts like to employ. Whorid focus more on a  darker and overall more industrial sound which is something that you could see as akin to some of the Author and Punisher material, although still not quite as bombastic. There is a definite atmosphere at play, with the slower and plodding noises working their way through the speakers in an abrasive and harrowing manner. The occasional screamed vocals are airy, which add of course more atmosphere but also add a sense of utter hatred and disdain. There is something quite depressing and all together upsetting with the music that Whorid provides. 



Each track feels as a continuation of the last in the sense that these tracks are not meant to be listened to out of order or one at a time. Bloated Pig is clearly meant to be taken in all at once, and given the proper attention. There is no “background” aspect to the noise on the record, as these are demanding and even introspective pieces. While each track has its own voice, they are still part of something bigger, which is the experience and the downright nihilism that Whorid is perpetuating. This of course is backed by clear production and a great mix job that really allow the sounds to be fully explored and encasing. The electronics surround the listener and dig deep into your mind, never truly leaving until you feel they may be too overwhelming. Yet, the album has a great pacing to it as well, with each song placed perfectly on the album sequence and within those songs having enough dynamics to make sure that the songs don’t wear too thin. By the time the record is over, there is a major sense of self-reflection needed, but also a deeper hared for all life. 


Whorid Facebook image



Describing your project as “self-harm” (or even “suicidal in metal terms) is not exactly new in underground extreme music. However, there are some bands that don’t seem to live up quite to that moniker. Whorid have actually done a wonderful job and more at making this project the real deal. This is not happy music, this is dark and hate-fueled noises meant to cause you to abuse yourself. After a few walks down this path, Daniel Suffering will have you hating your self, others, and life as a whole.

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