Wömit Angel - Maggotmouth - (7.5/10)

Published on February 4, 2015


  1. Maggotmouth
  2. Children of Moon
  3. King-SM (2014)


Black / Thrash / Punk


Inverse Records

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Wömit Angel is a Fininsh black/thrash metal band who litters their music with abrasive punk leanings and a general don’t-give-a-shit attitude. 2014 saw the release of the band’s sophomore full length album, Holy Goatse, which was a twenty-three minute punk-fueled riff fest full of blasts and black metal aesthetics. Maggotmouth is a short EP that was released by the band in early 2015 and features two new tracks as well as a re-recording of “King Self-Mütilation”, from their 2011 demo Gnitimov fo Gninnigeb Eht (read it backwards), although here it’s referred to as “King SM (2014)”.


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Holy Goatse burned through eight tracks in no time, so it would stand to reason that Maggotmouth would be far, far shorter. Clocking in at seven and a half minutes, Wömit Angel gets down to business with no frills or filler. According to the band, this will be the last release to feature drummer Vile Anarchy, but guitarist J-Violatör and bassist/vocalist W. Horepreacher will continue to solider on in his absence. Opening up with blasting drums, maniacal growls and a frenetic trem riff before delving into punk riffing while the drums still rage away, the EP’s title track sets a dirty and raw tone from the start. While the remaining two tracks retain the abrasive styling and punk edge, Wömit Angel proves that they have a little more remaining up their blackened sleeves. “Children of Moon” shows this with tempered power chords and some sporadic minor key melodies woven throughout the punkened black metal. It’s one of the band’s more dynamic songs and it serves to throw something a tad bit different into the mix. The band’s remake of “King SM” blasts through with rangy trem riffing, eventually leading to a dose of start-stop percussion and street punk aesthetics.


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Maggotmouth is a short but raging offering from Wömit Angel and is a fitting last testament to Vile Anarchy’s blasting percussion. Fans of Gehennah and Impaled Nazarene should take note, as Wömit Angel’s blackened thrashing punk metal will surely please. The release would fare well with a little more padding, as seven and half minutes is way too short, but the tracks are memorable and catchy despite their blasting nature. Another solid effort from these sick and twisted Finns who will hopefully be providing some longer fodder to their next offering.

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