Wormed - Metaportal - (8/10)

Published on July 25, 2019


  1. Remote Void
  2. Cryptoubiquity
  3. Bionic Relic
  4. E-Xystem://CE


Brutal Death / Technical Death


Season of Mist

Playing Time:







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Wowzers… Taking a long deep breath and counting to ten, trying to find a way to word what in the name of Cthulu just drilled its way into my nervous system.


To put it straight, this is technical wankery at its finest! Wormed is a brutal tech-death band that I have not been previously acquainted with and their latest EP “Metaportal” is one of the more shocking surprises 2019 threw at me. After some background check, I found out that the band has been around for just over two decades and has put out 3 full length releases that depict a gradual evolution to an increasingly refined sound. What has always been constant in this band’s music is the record breaking extreme aggression. It’s fast, complex and downright savage. But after the initial gut wrenching shock and a few spins, the music starts to make sense.



This is actually some of the most clever technical stuff I’ve heard. It’s got the brutal influence that makes it increasingly gory, filthy and … well brutal. But past that, the riffs are actually very well built, very dynamic, sometimes digestible and sometimes completely unpredictable. Some bits of the EP hook you from the first listen (ending of “Remote Void”) but overall it’s a real brain strainer (in a good way). I find the unexpected stops and sudden bursts in intensity to be the main attraction in the roller coaster of riffs and extreme drumming. It’s all topped by the sci-fi alien lyrics, giving this EP a truly creepy feeling. And I actually prefer my brutal metal with a slight touch of spacey vibes, over that of spilled guts and burning churches. To really complete their sound on Metaportal, the final touches of the EP come with some of those creepy vibes displayed on the spotlight in sampled parts such as the ending to “Criptoubiquity” or the intro to “E-Xystem://CE” (man do I love that title). And the entire pint sized madness ends with a massive fuzzy noise build that is cut short just before it liquefies your ear drums.


Metaportal is definitely a niche for those into tech and brutal, but I’d dare anyone with a taste for good RIFFS to take a look into it. Out July 19 on Season of Mist and the band’s Bandcamp page.



Author: George Dan

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