Secret Steel

Welcome to Secret Steel, the new and exciting project of The Metal Observer!

The metal scene is an incredibly vast space, with the advances in home recording making it a lot easier to record and release demos, EPs, albums, whatever else. Blessing and curse, with this ease also comes a deluge of releases, some gemstones and some, well, they might need a little more work and maturing, making it ever more difficult for metalheads to be able to sift the mentioned gemstones from the masses.

Now The Metal Observer has always been dedicated to give the unsigned bands a forum to be heard and we have now decided to take it one step further. One big step: “Secret Steel”! Every month we will spotlight ten of the best unsigned bands on the planet right here on The Metal Observer and with a free Bandcamp compilation to give you, the metal fan, the ultimate experience in finding the best of the best and trust us, there is a ton of amazing talent out there just waiting to be discovered!