SINGLES ROUNDUP: May 9th 2014.

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The inaugural TMO singles roundup, where we take a look back at some choice cuts that were released this week; featuring Allegaeon, Septicflesh, Suicide Silence, 3 and Killer Be Killed.


Septicflesh – “Burn”

“Burn” is the first we’ve heard of, Greek, symphonic death legends, Septicflesh (formerly Septic Flesh)’s new album, Titan. The orchestral parts are still there (especially towards the end) but it seems a lot more reserved and riff-based than their last record, The Great Mass (2011).

Personally, “Burn” doesn’t grab me all that much but everything Septicflesh have ever done has been absolutely brilliant and there’s no reason to think Titan won’t be either. (…Well, except “Burn” but you get the idea.)

Septicflesh are currently touring all over the place with Fleshgod Apocalypse – on a tour that is bafflingly not called “Pleasures Of The Flesh” – and Titan comes out on June 20 in the UK on Season of Mist and June 24 in North America on Prosthetic.


Suicide Silence – “Cease To Exist”


Speaking of titans, US deathcore kings, Suicide Silence have released their first song with new singer Eddie Hermida (ex-All Shall Perish), since loosing original motorist Mitch Lucker in a fatal motorcycle accident at the end of 2012.

“Cease To Exist” comes to us in classic deathcore style – by way of lyric video – but abandons the nu-deathcore of 2011’s The Black Crown (their last record with Lucker) in favor of a far more considered death metal style. Hermida’s vocals suit the band to a tee, and “Cease To Exist might just be the best song they’ve ever done.

You Can’t Stop Me is the album and it comes out July 15th on Nuclear Blast.


Allegaeon – “1.618”

The winner of this week’s best-ever, most entertainingly hilarious video award goes undoubtedly to Colorado’s Allegaeon. The song is “1.168” and the video sees the band struggling to reinvent themselves with total dominance by playing “Wheel Of Subgenres.” Musically, “1.618” is everything you’d expect from Allegaeon; technical, melodic, and bone-achingly heavy.


The album to look out for is Elements of Infinite, which comes out June 24th  via Metal Blade.


3 – “You Are The Alien”

New York progsters 3 announced last month, with the independent release of “Sugarlife” – their first release since breaking ties with Metal Blade – that they would be releasing one song per month “for the foreseeable future.” No word on weather these tracks will eventually make up an album or some other sort of release, but the band released the second song in the series, “You Are The Alien” this week.

I caught these guys live once (on a bill with Atreyu and 36 Crazyfists of all places) and the main dude (vocalist/guitarist, Joey Eppard) played slap-guitar, which was pretty cool, but other than that I found 3 to be rather dull and my experiences with them on record have been much the same.

Still, “You Are The Alien” is an enjoyable enough, mellow, prog-rock tune that has a considerable Porcupine Tree vibe about it – as opposed to “Sugarlife’s” Rush-by-way-of-Coheed-And-Cambria sound – and I’ve probably had the most fun listening to it out of any of the 3 catelogue I’ve been exposed to. I’m sure there are a ton of you out there who will enjoy it/them more than I.


Killer Be Killed – I.E.D.

Enough has been made of Killer Be Killed this week that you probably get the jist by now (check out the interview with Greg Puciato here; the review of the album here; and keep an eye out the upcoming interview with Max Cavalera). If you’re in need of a refresher course: go get the album, it is fucking brilliant.

“I.E.D.” is the third song to be officially released by the supergroup – which features ex-Sepultura/Soulfly guitarist, Max Cavalera; Mastodon bassist, Troy Sanders; The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman, Greg Puciato; and Dave Elitch, drummer for the now-defunct Mars Volta – and it’s a slower, doomier track that sounds a lot like Soulfly. Honestly, it’s probably one of the lesser tracks on the album, and lacks the instant catchiness and punch of “Wings Of Feather And Wax” and “Face Down” (the two songs previously released), but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t kick serious ass.

Killer Be Killed is out today on Nuclear Blast, unless you’re in North America – or, y’know, don’t know how the internet works – in which case you’ll have to wait until May 12th.

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