Top 30 Thrash Albums of 2015

Once and Future Thrash Mask Label

Another year down, not enough moshing accomplished. This is the same issue I have every year and at this point, I’m not sure how much moshing is enough moshing. However, I did roll out and rank my top 30 thrash albums of the year to try and help out any other individuals that are suffering from the same lack of moshing that I found myself in throughout 2015. There are some interesting mixtures to be found here, some newer bands clawed their way onto the list – including a rip roaring debut from Skeleton Pit, but a lot of the list is made up of more seasoned bands with multiple albums under their belt now like In Malice’s Wake or the ultra-fun punk spunk of Dr. Living Dead. There are even some “classic” bands throwing their hats into the ring like The Crown or Slayer, so there is plenty of variety for all kinds of thrashers here. Not to mention plenty of different styles of thrash that stretch from death metal influences all the way into the industrial arena and into the all too overlooked groove department.

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