Interview With HammerFall’s Oscar Dronjak

“[I]t’s gonna be a really fun tour. . . If you like modern heavy metal music I think you can’t get much better than these two bands together.”

Oscar Dronjak, founder and guitarist of the legendary Hammerfall, was kind enough to invite me into his mind to discuss his feelings on Dominion, Canada, and, of course, beer.

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Interview With Sabaton’s Joakim Brodén

“[M]e losing my voice after three songs, giving the guys lyric sheets, and Tommy and Chris taking over and singing the show. . . So, fucking proud to play with guys who can handle a thing like that and still get the vibe for a Sabaton show.”
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“If Climax is the nuclear explosion, the party so to speak, then Dreamcrash is the comedown the next day.” – A TMO Interview With Grave Pleasures’ Mat McNerney


Grave Pleasures frontman Mat McNerney, aka. Kvohst, talks about moving on, dancing, and the rush of pushing forward.

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A TMO Interview With Ningen-Isu


Dubbed by their countrymen “the Japanese Black Sabbath”, Ningen-Isu has been active in their homeland since forming in 1987. Despite the band beginning to gain worldwide acclaim, their name is still not commonly known among metalheads outside of Japan. The Metal Observer was recently granted the opportunity to interview these Japanese legends on the heels of releasing their eighteenth album, Burai Houjouo, in June of 2014, which could very well be one of the band’s only, if not THE only, interview in English.

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A TMO Interview With Falconer


The Metal Observer recently had the chance to speak with the legendary founder and driving force behind Falconer, Stefan Weinerhall. Returning with the band’s eighth studio album, Black Moon Rising, which recently dropped on Metal Blade Records, Weinerhall speaks about the intensity of the new album, his approach to songwriting and influences, among other things.

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An Interview With Fuoco Fatuo

fuoco fatuo - band main small

Fuoco Fatuo is an Italian doom and death metal act hailing form Varese, north Italy.  The band formed in 2011 and recently released their first full length album The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains through Iron Tyrant.  The band consists of Fabrizio on drums, Ken on bass (also a member of Into Darkness) and Milo on guitar and vocals (also a member of Funest).  The members of Fuoco Fatuo recently sat down and answered some questions for The Metal Observer.

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An Interview with Kuolemanlaakso


Finnish doom / death metallers Kuolemanlaakso have completed their sophomore album, Tulijoutsen, which is slated to be released on February 28, 2014 through Svart Records. The Metal Observer was given the opportunity to question the band on their recent accomplishments as well as what fans can expect in the future, among other topcis.  Usva (bass) and Laakso (guitars and keyboards) were kind enough to provide some insight into their world.

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