The Metal Observer’s Top 30 albums of 2017

2017 has proven to offer up the tightest race we have seen in a long time in the quest for the gold! So without any further ado, here is the creme de la creme of the year!

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Jonathan’s Top 30 of 2015

unicorn vs. nightmare

My general perspective on metal has always been through the lens of good vs. evil, and I’ve tended to get a good mix of both sides into my metal diet, and 2015 certainly delivered a fair share of both. As with any list of greatest albums of any particular category, individual perspective makes for an imperfect result, and limited time caused me to miss a number of truly exceptional albums (Bane Of Winterstorm’s The War Of Shadows II: Upon The Throne of Ravnorakk and Ghost City’s Tragic Soul Symphony were just a couple from the power metal sub-genre alone). But hey, this is why we have so many different perspectives on this webzine. So without further adieu, here’s my Top 30 of 2015!

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Josh’s 30 Most Excellent Albums Of 2015

JoshTop30…in a bag.

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Josh’s 30 Most Excellent Albums Of 2014!


Josh takes us through his highlights of 2014, featuring; Iced Earth, Architects, Mastodon and, uh… Taylor Swift.

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Ailo’s Best of 2014 Lists


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