The Once and Future Thrash: Top 30 Thrash Albums of 2013 (And More!)

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While 2013 seems to a rather scatter-shot kind of year for many genres, thrash metal seems to still be going at full speed when it comes to upcoming new bands and classic bands continuing their relentless existence. With slightly under 180 albums listened to that could be tagged as thrash in some form or another; my queue this year was a mighty one indeed. The following list required much more thought and deliberation then many years previously and it made for a rather unique one to say the least.

The biggest surprise for this list of best thrash records has to be how many debuts ended up making the cut. Truly, 2013 was the year of the debut for many bands. While the top ten of this list might be made up of mostly tried-n-true acts (it’s hard to believe that Gama Bomb already has four records out), the rest of the list is spattered with newcomers. Bands like Harlott, Panikk, Hell’s Domain, Condition Critical, and Craven Idol seemed intent on making a splash in a generally over-saturated scene with strong performances, slick productions, and thoughtful writing. Enough so that many of the bigger names in the genre ended up missing the top thirty altogether. So without further ado, here is my official list for the year.



  1. Revocation – Revocation
  2. Essence – Last Night of Solace
  3. Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy
  4. Condition Critical – Operational Hazard
  5. Onslaught – VI
  6. Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes
  7. Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms
  8. Blood Tsunami – For Faen!
  9. Destruction – Spiritual Genocide
  10. Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed
  11. Warfect – Exoneration Denied
  12. Death Mechanism – Twenty-First Century
  13. Hatriot – Heroes of Origin
  14. Harlott – Origin
  15. Evile – Skull
  16. Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness
  17. Panikk – Unbearable Conditions
  18. Ultraviolence – Privilege to Overcome
  19. Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart
  20. Craven Idol – Towards Eschaton
  21. Death Angel – The Dream Call for Blood
  22. Hybris – Heavy Machinery
  23. Paradox – Tales of the Weird
  24. Hell’s Domain – Hell’s Domain
  25. Zafakon – War as a Drug
  26. Violator – Scenarios of Brutality
  27. Hatchet – Dawn of the End
  28. Necromessiah – The Last Hope of Humanity
  29. Razormaze – Annihilatia
  30. Mutant Squad – Titanomakhia


I also added a spot here for best thrash EPs that made it hard not to circle pit. Again, look at all the newcomers that made this list!



  1. Exeloume – Return of the Nephilim
  2. Savage Spawn – Savage Spawn
  3. Black Mass – The Second Coming
  4. Savagery – Hard Merchandise
  5. BAT – Primitive Age


So in the end, what do you think? Was there an album that was missed? Perhaps one that was completely misinterpreted? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts! Also, if you are a thrash band looking to be considered for next year’s list feel free to email me at [email protected]!

5 thoughts on “The Once and Future Thrash: Top 30 Thrash Albums of 2013 (And More!)

  1. I have no idea how you find time to listen to all of this. No thrash on my list this time, but I'm assuming you've heard at least 100 thrash albums in 2013. Nice job, anyhow!

  2. I had around 120 albums and about 60 EPs and/or demos. I've made it a focus to consume a lot of the genre to find those under the radar. It was about 20 or 30 less than what I listened to in 2012 though. And I think for 2014 I already have 30 releases for thrash. And its only February. Haha

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