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Country of origin: Belarus
Founded: 1998
Status: Active
Official homepage: Divina Enema

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Band History - Divina Enema (Online Dec. 2003)

Divina Enema

The project known as DIVINA ENEMA was formed in February 1998 by Yaroslav A. Burakoff (voices and lyrics) and Tikhon S. Zolotov (bass guitar) who always wished to play Heavy Metal in a way of theatrical extravaganza. First album of DIVINA ENEMA "To Wight Shalt Never Shine" was recorded in late 1998 in DIVINA ENEMA studio iDaemon Inside, by Vladimir A. Burakoff and with the help of session musicians: Alexander Raketsky - drums, Roman Krivtsov - guitars and Lazzar - keyboards. The cassette edition of "To Wight Shalt Never Shine" was produced by band itself. Despite a more than modest self-promotion, various musical editions of Belarus (Legion, M-Magazine, Musical Newspaper) and Russia (Metal Agen Newsletter, Gothic, Blacksmith etc.) and just Metal amateurs regard (almost in a voice) DIVINA ENEMA as among the most unordinary and talented native Metal acts. Then recording has gotten high praises in such issues as Heavy Oder Was, Thrash 'em All, Metallian, Ablaze, etc. According to Musical Newspaper (the leading regular musical edition of Belarus), DIVINA ENEMA was acclaimed like the best debut of 1999 on the Belarusian Metal stage. A considerable part of this success was played with the live shows of DIVINA ENEMA always picturesque and very theatrical. Being combined with the unusual stuff DIVINA ENEMA performs, they always become remarkable and unforgettable events always drawing a lot of Metal amateurs.

In late 1999, Yaroslav and Tikhon began writing new songs wishing to create concept album, something reminding a Metal opera. By that time, DIVINA ENEMA ceased to be a duet - Tikhon's brother Alexey S. Zolotov (drums), Timofey V. Kasperovich (keyboards) and Boyan Yovchev (guitars) joined the project. Unfortunately, Boyan died tragically in the very beginning of 2000 and the band had to record new album without him - and without guitarist at all. Tikhon had to compose and perform not only all of the bass - but also every single one of the guitar lines.

"At The Conclave", thus new album was named, was recorded and finally mixed in August 2000 in iDaemon Inside labs by Vladimir A. Burakoff and mastered by Andrey Subbotin (Saturday Mastering/ Moscow) in December 2000. In March 2001, "At The Conclave" was issued on CD with Eldritch Music - being dedicated to Boyan and as a tribute to his memory. A kind of the poem or even the book coming along with CD and written by Yaroslav who succeeded, this way, in giving to DIVINA ENEMA's music one more, now literary, dimension organically expanded whole plot of "At The Conclave" a mysterious journey into the realm where time stands still, where dreaming mind gives birth to grotesque creatures, where tragedy becomes a living hymn… It's very hard to refrain from speaking about the musical canvas of "At The Conclave"… Wishing to mix academic music with extreme Metal form as organically as they can, DIVINA ENEMA had such a marvellous opportunity to work with professionally trained musicians - Natalia A. Vakhrusheva (violin/Belarusian State theatre of musical comedy), Natalia V. Fiodorova (cello) and Alexey V. Malakhov (tenor saxophone). You may hear their wonderful work if you venture to give "At The Conclave" a listen. Indeed it sounds like opera - especially if we recall rather unusual vocal manner of Yaroslav with his ability to change his voice, easily, from grotesque opera-like passages forth to grim screaming. Now they really succeeded in a creating of Metal opera or Gothic Farce (as they definite conceptuality the whole project DIVINA ENEMA itself). In 2000 new guitarist Alexander Kaleinick joined the project. In the meantime Timofey V. Kasperovich left the band. Even though the album is already a few years old, its extreme originality, quality and the fact that it is virtually unknown in the Western countries convinced Great White North to license that album on the sub-label Grind It!

"We just tell dead-time stories from the morning newspapers" - manifested Yaroslav when next epic of DIVINA ENEMA was finished. As it was promised, the new album is entitled "Under Phoenix Phenomenon" and it'll serve you well if you consider it's listening like a kind of cleansing-ritual. This time, the whole album was inspired by the terrible article from the newspaper, indeed, which told its readers the story of a madman who acknowledges the progress of his own schizophrenia and looks for the ways to resolve his problems. And the consequence was that he decided to commit suicide. He burned himself without a trace. Police found no corpse - there was no funeral. The hero seemed to have reached his goals and only left his diary to the police, which include the complete account of all his visions and nightmares and thoughts. This diary was published in the same newspaper, which served as a source of inspiration to DIVINA ENEMA, "Under Phoenix Phenomenon". For the sake of that man's tragedy, guys considered to mirror his nightmare in their own work, thus appeared on "Under Phoenix Phenomenon". DIVINA ENEMA wishes you to perceive the depths of human existence, keeping in mind the commonly accepted theory of reincarnation and illuminating your journey with the stanzas from this "Phoenix Phenomenon".

We think that this is very important to briefly mention the people who took part on "Under Phoenix Phenomenon". Here you'll find the beautiful violin of Natalia Vakhrusheva, well-known already to those who gave a listen to "At The Conclave". Another legend, of Belarusian EBM-stage, Dimitri 'JDPC' Protasevich, who took care of one song on "Under Phoenix Phenomenon"! Enjoy his experience with DIVINA ENEMA when listening "No Corpse - No Funeral", a piece recorded with the help of another talented son of Belarus - IFB FX - the voice-man of Gothic Rock band FUNERAL BITCH. And admire the screams of Ion Kurgan a guest from the ravenous INFESTUM, who play the part of Ion the Street-preacher in another song "Total Core Melting"! After the record-session of the album, Alexander Kaleinik left DIVINA ENEMA. New faces in the band are guitarists Alexander 'Slayer' Savenok and Artiom 'Thrash' Athrashevsky. Enjoy!

Current Line-Up:
Yaroslav A. Burakoff - Voice
Tikhon S. Zolotov - Bass Guitar
Alexei S. Zolotov - Drums & Percussion
Alexander Savenok - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Artiom Athrashevsky - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Tatiana Tsvirko - Keyboard
Vladimir A. Burakoff - Sound Engineering

Previous members:
Roman Krivtsov - Lead And Rhythm Guitar (on "To Wight Shalt Never Shine")
Alexander Raketsky - Drums & Percussion (on "To Wight Shalt Never Shine")
Igor 'Lazzar' Eraksin - Keyboard (on "To Wight Shalt Never Shine")
Timofey V. Kasperovich - Keyboard (on "At The Conclave")
Alexander Kaleinick - Lead & Rhythm Guitar (on "Impyre Concord" & "Under Phoenix Phenomenon")


Under Phoenix Phenomenon

Yaroslav A. Burakoff - Voice
Tikhon S. Zolotov - Bass Guitar, Guitars & Keyboards
Alexei S. Zolotov - Drums And Percussion
Alexander Kaleinick - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Vladimir A. Burakoff - Sound Engineering

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Under Phoenix Phenomenon" - Great White North/More Hate

Total playing time: 72:12
  1. Midnight Horror Factory
  2. A Handful Of Hay
  3. ...Of Day And Funeral To Come
  4. P.C. Larvae
  5. Iron Megaira
  6. Demon Mastery Top Level
  7. The Face Of Oranus
  8. No Corpse - No Funeral
  9. God Bless You, Bastards!
  10. Total Core Melting
  11. Impyre Concord
  12. Fee Nicks Fen' Omen On

Impyre Concord (Demo)

Yaroslav A. Burakoff - Voice
Tikhon S. Zolotov - Bass Guitar, Guitars & Keyboards
Alexei S. Zolotov - Drums And Percussion
Alexander Kaleinick - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Vladimir A. Burakoff - Sound Engineering

2002 "Impyre Concord (Demo)" - iDaemon Inside Labs

Total playing time: 25:12
  1. A Handful Of Hay (1st Edition)
  2. The Face Of Oranus (Pre-Production)
  3. Impyre Concord (Pre-Production)

At The Conclave

Yaroslav A. Burakoff - Voice
Tikhon S. Zolotov - Bass Guitar, Guitars & Keyboards
Alexei S. Zolotov - Drums & Percussion
Timofey V. Kasperovich - Keyboard
Vladimir A. Burakoff - Sound Engineering

"The Metal Observer" Review

2001/2003 "At The Conclave" - Eldritch Music/Great White North Records

Total playing time: 49:51
  1. Gargoyles Ye Rose Aloft
  2. Down Along The Roots
  3. The Holy Holt
  4. Nightmare
  5. Holy Forever
  6. The Darkest Hour

To Wight Shalt Never Shine (Tape)

Yaroslav A. Burakoff - Voice
Tikhon S. Zolotov - Bass Guitar
Roman Krivtsov - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Alexander Raketsky - Drums & Percussion
Igor 'Lazzar' Eraksin - Keyboard
Vladimir A. Burakoff - Sound Engineering

1999 "To Wight Shalt Never Shine (Tape)" - iDaemon Inside Labs

Total playing time: 71:33
  1. Who Looks Gargoyle Alike?
  2. Leave Thy Castle Again
  3. Lets Dance
  4. Keep Thy Daemon Inside
  5. Thing
  6. Eaten & Forgotten
  7. Wooden Ladle
  8. Bewitched Whore
  9. Sphinx
  10. Wrapped In Mystery
  11. Darken The Murals
  12. Epilogue

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