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Loudness - Rockshocks (8,5/10) - Japan - 2004/2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 78:54
Band homepage: Loudness


  1. Loudness
  2. Crazy Doctor
  3. In The Mirror
  4. Crazy Night
  5. Esper
  6. Like Hell
  7. Lonely Player
  8. Street Woman
  9. Angel Dust
  10. Rock Shock
  11. The Lines Are Down
  12. Milky Way
  13. Mr. Yesman
  14. Exultation (Bonus Track)
  15. Lunatic (Bonus Track)
  16. R.I.P. (Bonus Track)
Loudness - Rockshocks

Aside from BOW WOW and SIGH, LOUDNESS is probably Japan's most well-known Metal band (how I wish I could include MILLARCA in that list, but they seem to be completely unknown). Playing a brand of classic Heavy Metal, the band has a lot more in common with the music of BOW WOW than with the Avantgarde Black Metal stylings of SIGH. In fact, LOUDNESS would probably appeal to anyone with a taste for classic Heavy Metal in the vein of IRON MAIDEN et al, what with their galloping riffs, magnificent and wailing vocals. But who am I kidding? You already know this - LOUDNESS are legends!


"Rockshocks" is not your typical album. Originally released in 2004, this release features some of the best cuts off of LOUDNESS' first five albums, but completely re-recorded and with one heavy-as-hell production. On this 2006 version, we find three extra tracks tacked on, taken from the much Thrashier 2004 release "Racer." The re-recorded songs are the stars here, though and they do not suffer at all in their new versions! Normally re-recordings are iffy, but here the band manages to take the classic songs and give them even more punch. Nothing is lost in the translation, making this a perfect gateway for Metalheads wanting to check out the band for the first time. This is even better than a greatest hits album, which normally come off as disjointed and thrown together, as this has a consistent production and on top of that, it flows like a real album. Great for the uninitiated.


This is some prolific, anthemic Heavy Metal that all fans of the genre should look into. Don't write it off just because LOUDNESS is a lame name for a band - their riffs and solos here are enough to make up for that! (Online May 8, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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