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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - MäGO DE OZ - Finisterra

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Mägo De Oz - Finisterra (9,5/10) - Spain - 2000

Genre: Folk / Power Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 46:18
Band homepage: Mägo De Oz


    CD 1
  1. Prólogo
  2. Satania
  3. La Cruz de Santiago
  4. La danza del fuego
  5. Hasta que el cuerpo aguante
  6. El señor de los gramillos
  7. Polla dura no cree en Dios
  8. Maite Zaitut
  9. Duerine...
  10. Es hora de marchar
    CD 2
  11. Fiesta Pagana
  12. El que quiera entender que entienda
  13. Los renglones torcidos de Dios
  14. Kelpie
  15. Tres tristres tigres
  16. A Costa da Morte
  17. La Santa Compaña
  18. Conxuro
  19. Astaroth
  20. Finisterra
Mägo De Oz - Finisterra

The Spaniards really have done something unusual with their new album, because a double-CD is not the most common form of release nowadays. Packed into a quite weird comic-cover (similar to the predecessor "La Leyenda de la Mancha"), you get 106 minutes of music on "FinisTerra".

But also musically MÄGE DE OZ do not walk the much-trodden paths, but manage to differ, all to the best, I'd say. After an interesting intro (incl. bagpipe and flute), "Satania" kick-starts the album in fashion, thundering double-bass meet solo-violin, you don't hear that very often, eh? Then the electric guitars set in and you have Power Metal-SKYCLAD on speed, so to say... Overall this track offers everything you can hope for: Power Metal, Melodic Metal, emotional parts, flutes and violins, great start for this album!

But the following songs show that they have not wasted all of their creativity yet, the tempo is varied very intelligently and the almost omni-present violin adds its very own note to the MÄGE DE OZ-sound. The end of CD one is made up by "Es hora de marchar", whose composer is a certain Ricardo Blackmoro (or something like that ;)...

Album number two starts with a similar verve as the first one, as "Fiesta Pagana" starts out with flute and violin, then gets supported by acoustic guitars, before the intensity rises more and more to culminate, when all the instruments set in for a swift and playful song. The following "El que quiera entender que entienda" even features a harpsichord, which suits the Melodic Metal of the track perfectly.

While this fresh mixture is continued with the following tracks, the thick booklet prints the name of a certain Ian Anderson underneath track 4 named "Kelpie". I cannot help it, but somewhere I have heard that name before :)

But the crown of the whole opus can be found at the very end, where MÄGE DE OZ have all creative guns blazing in the 16-minute-monument of "FinisTerra". You can find all possible tempi here, sometimes supported by acoustic guitars and piano, then swift with violin and flute, then suddenly an accordion starts to sound - who falls asleep while listening to this song most have been anaesthetised...

Even though the format is fairly uncommon and most likely will cost a tad more than usual (it's a luxurious double-DigiPak!), it is absolutely worth it! Before you spend your money for the next so-called Italo-sensation and the next re-animated Power/Thrash-legend, invest it into "FinisTerra", you won't regret it!

Alexander Melzer

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