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Evergrey - The Dark Discovery (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: GNW
Playing time: 47:46
Band homepage: Evergrey


  1. Blackened Dawn >mp3
  2. December 26th
  3. Dark Discovery
  4. As Light Is Our Darkness
  5. Beyond Salvation
  6. Closed Eyes
  7. Trust And Betrayal
  8. Shadowed
  9. When The River Calls
  10. For Every Tear That Falls
  11. To Hope Is To Fear
Evergrey - The Dark Discovery

In the beginning there was coldness and darkness in the North…that is how you should begin when you want to write about EVERGREY. Especially when you intend to talk about their first release “The Dark Discovery”. This CD meant not only the beginning of a prolific musical career, but in the same time it was the birth of something divine.


Of course one sees things a bit different now, after they have already released their sixth long player. It would be interesting to see how the band developed, but I don’t want to start a comparison, just present this album. To be honest, I have to admit that I gave the 9,5 points only because I know that the next album “Solitude Dominance Tragedy” is slightly better, so there is room for more. Nevertheless each and every work they have released is a masterpiece, and “The Dark Discovery” is no exception. The artwork of the album cover is already symbolic (if intended or not), one thinks of Pandora’s box, which is not a far-fetched comparison at all, cause each album which would come from this box afterwards will be an imminent “bale”.


“Blackened Dawn” opens the album, displaying at once the would-be-trademarks of the band. They are heavy, melodic, the keyboard-curtain is a phenomenon in itself, the powerful riffs and the melodies and last but not least the vocals of Tom S. Englund. Many volumes would be needed to praise his voice. It could be very heavy and powerful, as it is displayed in the first three songs, or it can be soft and dark….grey….like in „The Light Is Our Darkness“ or „For Every Tear That Falls“. Even if the first three tracks are very heavy, it does not mean that they are galloping from beginning to end, there also are slower part where for example the keyboard can come to the front.


„The Light Is Our Darkness“ is also the first slow track of the album and it lasts only 2 minutes and then it flows into the next one, which picks up the same theme but in a faster way (“Beyond Salvation”). Make no mistake about it, I have nothing against the faster songs, but the ballads of EVERGREY have something magical about them which always gets to me. You should listen to the song called “Trilogy Of The Damned” released as a bonus track to the “Recreation Day” album and then you will understand what I am talking about. The song is made up of three of their former songs accompanied by a piano. One song included is the already mentioned “The Light Is Our Darkness”.


“Closed Eyes” rolls with a bit less speed, but the same powerful riffing and godly vocals. By the way, responsible for the production was none other than Andy La Roque, whom you should at least know for his long cooperation with KING DIAMOND. The Power Metal power play continues until the song called “For Every Tear That Falls”. Oh yes, yet another ballad, and this is where the voice of Carina Englund comes to show. A presence which will be celebrated on every album from then on. There is a song on every album on which she sings. Magical!!!!


“To Hope Is To Fear” ends the record in the way, the whole album was performed: powerful, melodic and dark; a constant hide and seek of the keyboards through the whole album like the winds of time. But the breath of time has done no damage to this album, on the contrary: the constant wall of keyboards turns into a layer of ice… the riffs slowly cover it like flakes of snow…and the vocals blow like the winds, sometimes strong sometimes gentle… and the drumming lets us know, that somewhere beneath the ice, there is a heart beating…grey for ever !!! (Online May 8, 2006)

Jenö Szöke

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